Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

List of Visiting Faculty & Adjunct Instructors in the department
Name E-mail Phone Office

Natalia Alexeeva

Visiting Assistant Professor

319-384-1867 E359 CB

Shuvendu Das

Adjunct Assistant Professor

319-335-2717 E309 CB

Mishtu Dey

Adjunct Assistant Professor 319-384-1319 W285 CB

Ashley Flores

Assistant In Instruction

E321 CB

Sarah C. Larsen

Adjunct Professor 319-335-1346 or 319-335-2144 205E GILH or W176 CB

Russell Larsen

Associate Professor of Instruction 319-335-1359 E230 CB

Matthew Lovander

Visiting Instructor

319-335-1994 W302 CB

Shonda Monette

Instructional Services Specialist and Adjunct Instructor 319-335-1344 W439 CB

Majid Nada

Visiting Assistant Professor

(319) 335-0512 W181 CB

Justine Olson

Visiting Assistant Professor

319-384-1867 E359 CB

Binaya Shrestha

Instructional Services Manager and Adjunct Lecturer

319-333-2294 W441 CB

Dale Swenson

Director, X-Ray Diffraction Facility; Adjunct Assistant Professor 319-335-0291 W437 CB