Pre-Med Coursework

Medical schools can accept any baccalaureate degree, but chemistry is one of the five most common degrees sought by University of Iowa students planning to attend the Carver College of Medicine or other medical schools. There is no pre-med degree, so students choose a first major in a discipline such as chemistry, biochemistry, biology, biomedical engineering, or human physiology. As a second program of study, students indicate their intent to prepare for medical school. Chemistry majors can choose either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

The chemistry major includes five core courses required for medical school entrance:

  • CHEM:1110, Principles of Chemistry I (4:011)
  • CHEM:1120, Principles of Chemistry II (4:012)
  • CHEM:2210, Organic Chemistry I (4:121)
  • CHEM:2220, Organic Chemistry II (4:122)
  • CHEM:2410, Organic Chemistry Lab (4:141)

Additional medical school entrance requirements included in the chemistry major are two semesters of physics and mathematics through Calculus.

Chemistry majors are supported by advising in the department throughout their academic experience at the university. Students who have indicated that their second “major” is pre-med also work with a pre-med advisor in the Academic Advising Center. For more information about the pre-med curriculum, the medical school admissions process, and other pre-health programs, visit the Academic Advising Center website.