Listing of all Faculty in the department.
Name E-mail Phone Office

Mark A. Arnold

Edwin B. Green Chair Professor in Laser Chemistry; Director, Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing 319-335-1368 230 IATL

Nicole Becker

Associate Professor

319-335-1309 E355 CB

Aditi Bhattacherjee

Assistant Professor

118 IATL

Ned B. Bowden

Professor 319-335-1198 W425 CB

Adam Brummett


319-384-1867 E325 CB

Korey Carter

Assistant Professor

Christopher M. Cheatum

Professor 319-353-0379 326 IATL

Renee S. Cole

Professor 319-384-1883 W331 CB

David Cwiertny

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Professor (Secondary Appointment), Department of Chemistry

(319) 335-1401 4655 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences

Scott R. Daly

Associate Professor

319-384-1356 W474 CB

Tori Z. Forbes

Associate Professor 319-384-1320 W374 CB

Gregory K. Friestad

Associate Professor 319-335-1364 E455 CB

M. Lei Geng

Professor 319-335-3167 330 IATL

Edward G. Gillan

Associate Professor 319-335-1308 W325 CB

James B. Gloer

Roy J. Carver/Ralph L. Shriner Professor of Chemistry 319-335-1361 E515 CB

Amanda J. Haes

Professor 319-384-3695 238 IATL

Rebecca Laird

Associate Professor of Instruction

319-384-4175 W341 CB

Johna Leddy

Associate Professor 319-335-1720 W358 PBB

Mona Maalouf

Associate Professor of Instruction

319-335-4832 W337 CB

Leonard R. MacGillivray

Professor, Department of Chemistry; Professor (Secondary Appointment), College of Pharmacy; Department Executive Officer (Department Chair) 319-335-3504 E331 or E555 CB

Claudio J. Margulis

Professor 319-335-0615 244 IATL

Dave Martin

Assistant Professor

319-467-1673 E433 CB

Sara E. Mason

Associate Professor 319-335-2761 W339 CB

David McCurdy


319-335-4867 W239 CB

Lou Messerle

Associate Professor 319-335-1372 E457 CB

F. Christopher Pigge

Associate Professor 319-335-3805 E557 CB

Aliasger Salem

Professor, College of Pharmacy; Professor (Secondary Appointment) Department of Chemistry

(319) 335-8810 452 CPN

Michael Schultz

Associate Professor of Radiology-Division of Nuclear Medicine; Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment) of Chemistry

319-335-8017 B180 ML

Scott K. Shaw

Associate Professor

319-384-1355 W476 CB

James Shepherd

Assistant Professor; Department of Chemistry

319-335-0336 E435 CB

Gary Small


335-3214 238 IATL

Elizabeth A. Stone

Professor 319-384-1863 W376 CB

Amy Strathman

Associate Professor of Instruction 319-335-1108 E323 CB

Alexei V. Tivanski

Associate Professor 319-384-3692 E272 CB

David F. Wiemer

F. Wendell Miller Professor 319-335-1365 E531 CB

Florence Williams

Assistant Professor

319-384-1319 W285 CB

Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

Listing of Visiting Faculty and Adjunct Faculty in the department
Name E-mail Phone Office

Shuvendu Das

Adjunct Assistant Professor

319-335-4905 E359 CB

Javier Luna

Visiting Assistant Professor

E459 CB

Majid Nada

Visiting Assistant Professor

(319) 335-0512 W181 CB

Binaya Shrestha

Instructional Services Manager and Adjunct Lecturer

319-333-2294 W441 CB

Michael Sinnwell

Visiting Adjunct Professor

4-1873 E553


Listing of Additional Support Staff in the department
Name E-mail Phone Office

Echo Amos

Chemistry Center

319-384-3389 E225 CB

Rob Beland

Administrative Services Coordinator

319-335-1350 E331 CB

Conrad Bendixen

Librarian, Chemistry Library

319-335-0312 E237 CB

Amy Charles

Research Support Coordinator

319-353-2348 W431 CB

Michael Ciha

IT Support Analyst

319-334-4204 E127 CB

George Crull

NMR Assistant Director, NMR Spectroscopist

319-384-1315 W275A CB

Jennifer DeWitte

Research Support Manager

319-335-4385 E225 CB

Jeff Donoghue

Associate Budget/Financial Officer

(319) 335-2605 202B SH

Lindsay Elliott

Graduate Program Coordinator

319-335-0200 E331 CB

Mike Estenson

Electrical Engineer 319-335-2113 W138 CB

Peter Franke

IT Support Consultant

319-335-1471 E127 CB

Dominic Frisbie

Instructional Services Specialist

319-335-1170 W344 CB

Brenna Goode

Departmental Administrator 319-335-1351 E331 CB

Ellie Healy

Academic Advisor

Tim Koon

Supply Chain Coordinator, Shared Services 319-335-1383 W93C CB

Diane McGriff

Supply Chain Coordinator, Chemistry Stores

319-335-1378 W1 CB

Shonda Monette

Administrator of Undergraduate Instruction, Instructional Services Manager

5-1344 W439

Brian Morrison

Instructional Services Specialist 319-335-1917 W444B CB

Vic Parcell

Operator, Mass Spectrometry Facility 319-335-1381 W76 CB

Madeline Parker

Instructional Services Specialist

(319) 467-4366 E444A

Benjamin Revis

Scientific Glassblower 319-335-1337 W152 CB

Bryan Ringen

IT Support Consultant

319-335-0149 E127 CB

Binaya Shrestha

Instructional Services Manager and Adjunct Lecturer

319-333-2294 W441 CB

Dale Swenson

Director, X-Ray Diffraction Facility 319-335-0291 W437 CB

Trent Tappan

Chemistry Center Manager

319-335-1341 E225D CB

Lynn Teesch

Director, Mass Spectrometry Facility 319-335-1216 W75 CB

Santhana Velupillai

Director, NMR Facility 319-353-2291 W184 CB