Unlock new career opportunities with radiochemistry

Radiochemists are in high demand across dynamic fields such as energy, medicine, public health, and national security. Are you ready to step into this exciting, high-impact arena? By earning a Graduate Certificate in Radiochemistry, you won't just solve complex problems—you'll be well-positioned to succeed in a wide range of sectors. 

Imagine yourself driving innovation and making a real difference in the world. The University of Iowa, in partnership with the Association of Public Health Laboratories, offers the only program of its kind featuring flexible, online courses alongside an immersive two-week laboratory experience. This is an exciting, continuing education opportunity for current laboratory workers and graduate students. 

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Admissions requirements

  • A bachelor's degree
  • GPA greater than 2.5 
  • Two semesters of undergraduate chemistry coursework

Online coursework

Most programs offering this kind of training in radiochemistry are not available online. That's where we differ. Eight semester hours are offered via asynchronous online instruction so you can complete your coursework as your schedule allows.  

In-person lab work

Radiochemistry is sophisticated work. This certificate requires students to participate in an intensive two-week laboratory experience in the summer. This includes important hands-on, in-person lab instruction. 

Requirements and program planning

The radiochemistry certificate consists of 10 courses, totaling 12 semester hours, and can be completed in three to six semesters depending on your availability and obligations. 

This certificate is designed for working professionals and current University of Iowa students. Courses are divided into smaller modules offering flexibility in instruction and student course load.

The radiochemistry graduate certificate curriculum covers the fundamental concepts, instrumentation, and techniques utilized in radiochemistry, with an analytical chemistry focus. Eight semester hours are offered through asynchronous online instruction as one semester-hour courses. Four semester hours are offered via hands-on, in-person laboratory instruction through two, two-semester hour courses. The in-person laboratory instruction will occur during the summer semester.

  • CHEM 5121: Nuclear Physics Concepts
  • CHEM 5122: Radiochemistry Separation Concepts I 
  • CHEM 5123: Radiochemistry Separation Concepts II 
  • CHEM 5124: Radiochemistry Instrumental Analysis I 
  • CHEM 5125: Radiochemistry Instrumental Analysis II 
  • CHEM 5126: Radiochemistry Data Analysis and Statistics 
  • CHEM 5127: Radiochemistry Quality Assurance 
  • CHEM 5128: Radiation Safety and Health Physics

  • CHEM 5129: Radiochemistry Separation Laboratory 
  • CHEM 5130: Radiochemistry Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

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