Requirements for the minor

The minor in chemistry requires a minimum of 15 semester hours in chemistry courses, including 12 semester hours in courses numbered 2210 or above taken in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Iowa. The requirements are normally satisfied by students completing the 8 semester hours sequence of introductory courses, CHEM:1110 and CHEM:1120, followed by 12 semester hours of advanced chemistry coursework taken at the University of Iowa. Most students who have satisfied the advanced coursework requirement will have taken at least 20 total semester hours of chemistry.

The most common choice of advanced chemistry coursework includes CHEM:2210 Organic I, CHEM:2220 Organic II, and CHEM:2410 Organic Laboratory (or CHEM:2230-2240 Organic for Majors I-II, and, CHEM:2420 Organic Laboratory for Majors), plus one other 3 s.h. chemistry course. Possible selections for the additional course are CHEM:3110, CHEM:3120, CHEM:3250, CHEM:4431, CHEM:4432, or CHEM:4372.

The following courses do not count toward the minor:

  • CHEM:2021 Fundamentals of Chemical Measurements
  • CHEM:3560 Advanced Methods in Chemical Research: Special Topics
  • CHEM:3999 Undergraduate Research
  • CHEM:4261 Selected Topics in Chemistry

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