View from the front of the Chemistry building

The Chemistry Building, a five-story structure located on a hillside above the Iowa River, contains more than 50 graduate research laboratories, office space for students, faculty and staff, and various undergraduate instructional facilities. Several major remodeling projects have significantly improved and expanded the available research space and in the near future, further renovations and a new chemistry building are being planned. Several chemistry faculty are housed in modern laboratories in the Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories, located adjacent to the Chemistry Building.

The Department has 28 faculty, over 120 graduate students, and more than 10 post-doctoral associates and visiting faculty. Departmental and University research support facilities are extensive and complete. The amount of external funds received by Departmental faculty for support of research activities continues to expand. Increasing the quality and national prominence of the Department is facilitated by continued strong support from the state and the University of Iowa.

The University of Iowa is located in the center of Iowa City, which has a population (including the adjoining town of Coralville) of approximately 90,000. The Iowa City area offers many of the amenities of a larger city --big-time sports, performing arts, endless intellectual and recreational opportunities, fine dining and varied shopping venues-- but in a vibrant, comfortable college town. The metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago, and Kansas City can by reached by automobile in 4-5 hours.

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