Honors in Chemistry

A Chemistry professor teaching a class.

Students can graduate with University Honors by being a member of the Honors Program. Consult with the Blank Honors Center (420 BHC) to learn more. Chemistry majors can also graduate with Departmental Honors by meeting the criteria listed below. Students do not need to be members of the University Honors Program to graduate with Departmental Honors in Chemistry. 

To graduate with honors in chemistry, students must do the following:

  1. Students must maintain an overall UI GPA of at least 3.33.

  2. Students should conduct independent research of sufficient quality and quantity to satisfy the research advisor that an honors thesis can be written. Independent undergraduate research in chemistry has the same general meaning as it has for graduate students.  We do not require that the basic research idea originate with the student, but we do require that the student have his/her own project and be responsible for the day-to-day decisions (in consultation with the research advisor, postdoc, or advanced graduate student) on which steps to take in completing the project.  Students should consult with their research advisor to determine whether the research is of sufficient quality and quantity for an Honor’s thesis. Students will typically enroll in Undergraduate Research, CHEM:3994 (004:162) but can also consider enrolling in one of the Undergraduate Research Experiences units, URES:3992-3995, which are 0 credit hour courses that have no tuition or fees associated with the registration. Students in the University Honors Program may register for the Honors Practicum, HONR:3994 (143:100) or the Honors Thesis, HONR:4990 (143:199).

  3. On the semester a student plans to graduate, they should submit their honors in the major application by the University degree application deadline. Students, in agreement with their advisors should also complete a submission agreement form. The agreement form and the thesis must be completed and submitted by the Wednesday of finals week. Submit your thesis here

  4. Once you have submitted the honors in the major application it will be emailed to you. Print this form and have your faculty research advisor sign it first and then the honors advisor in chemistry. The Chemistry honors Advisor is listed here.

  5. Write an honors thesis satisfactory to the research advisor. The thesis is in the form of a research report with a title page indicating that the thesis is in partial fulfillment of honors requirements. The thesis should follow the format of an article in an ACS journal, such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society or the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Instructions can be obtained from the Honors Center website. The thesis must first be approved by your research advisor and then by the honors advisor.