List of Staff in the department
Name E-mail Phone Office

Echo Amos

Chemistry Center

319-384-3389 E225 CB

Rob Beland

Administrative Services Coordinator

319-335-1350 E331 CB

Conrad Bendixen

Librarian, Chemistry Library

319-335-0312 E237 CB

Amy Charles

Research Support Coordinator

319-353-2348 W431 CB

Michael Ciha

IT Support Analyst

319-334-4204 E127 CB

George Crull

NMR Assistant Director; NMR Spectroscopist

319-384-1315 W275A CB

Jennifer DeWitte

Research Support Manager

319-335-4385 E225 CB

Jeff Donoghue

Associate Budget/Financial Officer

(319) 335-2605 202B SH

Lindsay Elliott

Graduate Program Coordinator

319-335-0200 E331 CB

Mike Estenson

Electrical Engineer 319-335-2113 W138 CB

Peter Franke

IT Support Consultant

319-335-1471 E127 CB

Dominic Frisbie

Instructional Services Specialist

319-335-1170 W344 CB

Brenna Goode

Departmental Administrator 319-335-1351 E331 CB

Tim Koon

Supply Chain Coordinator, Shared Services 319-335-1383 W93C CB

Diane McGriff

Supply Chain Coordinator, Chemistry Stores

319-335-1378 W1 CB

Shonda Monette

Instructional Services Specialist and Adjunct Instructor 319-335-1344 W439 CB

Brian Morrison

Instructional Services Specialist 319-335-1917 W444B CB

Vic Parcell

Operator, Mass Spectrometry Facility 319-335-1381 W76 CB

Michaella Phillips

Instructional Serv Coordinator

(319) 467-1243 444D CB

Benjamin Revis

Scientific Glassblower 319-335-1337 W152 CB

Bryan Ringen

IT Support Consultant

319-335-0149 E127 CB

Binaya Shrestha

Instructional Services Manager and Adjunct Lecturer

319-333-2294 W441 CB

Dale Swenson

Director, X-Ray Diffraction Facility 319-335-0291 W437 CB

Trent Tappan

Chemistry Center Manager

319-335-1341 E225D CB

Lynn Teesch

Director, Mass Spectrometry Facility 319-335-1216 W75 CB

Santhana Velupillai

Director, NMR Facility 319-353-2291 W184 CB