Organic Chemistry

The field of organic chemistry is undergoing exciting changes that enable students to cross various disciplines. New synthetic strategies and technologies, catalysis, functional organic materials, molecular recognition, molecular modeling, and explorations in chemical biology through molecular design and mechanistic studies are just some of the themes that will permit organic chemists to develop skills to extend the field on a current cross-disciplinary path.

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Iowa provides students an opportunity to study in such areas including Organic, Bioorganic and Synthetic Organic Chemistry, as well as research in Environmental Science. Our faculty has developed a curriculum that enables students to gain hands-on experience with a variety of cross-disciplinary approaches to organic chemistry, where faculty-student communication and interaction lies at the heart of the program. The breadth and diversity of the program is reflected by representative publications, where students, post-doctoral associates, and visiting scientists work together, shaping and developing new ideas.