Laundry service request guide

UI Laundry Service charges $1.75 to wash/sanitize your lab coat.

New accounts

Lab groups needing to set up an account shall:

  1. Create an inter-departmental requisition.
  2. Print and provide signatures in the end user and departmental approver sections located in the lower, left-hand corner.
  3. Email the signed requisition to, UI Laundry Service.
    • Melanie will provide you with an assigned lab group number.

Existing accounts

If you already have an account number set up:

  1. Gather all items you would like to have laundered into a laundry bag. If you need a laundry bag please send an email to to request one.
  2. Once you have the items bagged up please fill out a laundry checklist form in Chemistry Stores. These are currently located on the front desk. Fill out the checklist form and attach it to your bag of laundry by taping or stapling it to your bag.
  3. Place the bag of laundry with checklist attached within the yellow laundry bin outside of the shipping and receiving room located next to Chemistry Stores.


230 N. Madison Street
W1 Chemistry Building (CB)
Iowa City, IA 52242

Phone: 319-335-3562

Pick-up times

Laundry will be picked up every Wednesday at 8 a.m. Please have your laundry bag placed in the proper pick up area with the checklist attached by Tuesday afternoon to ensure it is picked up on time.

Clean laundry

Laundered items will be returned within 7 days. Which means they should be available to be picked up by the following Wednesday.

Important note

Chemistry Stores is a pick-up location for laundry services and we help offer the forms for your laundry service needs. We are not responsible for when your items are picked up or dropped off. We are also not liable for any laundry that may go missing. If you have any concerns about your items that have been sent to laundry services please contact Laundry Services or for any questions or concerns.