Facility Hours: 9am - 4:30pm

Consultation times available walk-in or by appointment

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100 Years of Scientific Glassblowing Support!
1922 - 2022 Nine Glassblowers

A scientific glassblowing facility is an indispensable part of any modern research team. The Glass Facility, found within the Department of Chemistry, is responsible for assisting in the design and fabrication of all glass scientific equipment, as well as repair of existing equipment.

Services provided:

  • Design and construct custom glass scientific apparatus
  • Repair of existing equipment

Common Materials worked with (for anything else please contact the Glass Facility for details)

  • Pyrex, Kimax, Simax (Borosilicate) sizes 1mm - 100mm tubing up to limited short lengths of 160mm maximum diameter
  • Quartz (Fused Silica) sizes 1mm - 30mm tubing
  • Glass to metal seals Electrode through wires (tungsten, platinum, gold)

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  • Custom Flasks

    Custom Flasks

  • Electrochemical Cell

    Electrochemical Cell

  • Quartz Si wafer Basket

    Quartz Si wafer Basket

  • Water Clock Performance

    Water Clock Performance

  • Fly Chambers

    Fly Chambers