Scott R. Daly

Associate Professor


  • Inorganic and organometallic chemistry
  • Coordination chemistry
  • Ligand synthesis and design

Research interests

The Daly Group uses coordination chemistry as a means to address fundamental questions relevant to electrochemical CO2 reduction, small molecule transformations and sensing, and nuclear separations. While the applications are quite diverse, our projects are similar in that they rely on the design of new ligands capable of promoting a desired function or property when bound to metals. Students in the group learn to characterize new complexes using a wide range of physical and analytical methods that include multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy, single-crystal X-ray diffraction, mass spectrometry, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, and electrochemical methods. Our efforts generally fall into one of the following research areas: development of transition metal complexes with non-innocent ligands, XAS investigations of transition metal complexes with diphosphorus ligands, and the synthesis of lanthanide and actinide borohydride complexes. Please see our website for additional details.

Recent publications 

  • Fetrow, T. V.;* Zgrabik, J.;* Bhowmick, R.; Eckstrom, F. D.; Crull, G.; Vlaisavljevich, B.; Daly, S. R. "Quantifying the Influence of Covalent Metal-Ligand Bonding on Differing Solution Reactivity of Trivalent Uranium and Lanthanide Complexes." Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 202261, e202211145. *Equal contributions.
  • Skaria, M.; Culpepper, J. D.; Daly, S. R. "Leveraging Metal and Ligand Reactive Sites for One Pot Reactions: Ligand-Centered Borenium Ions for Tandem Catalysis with Palladium." Chem. Eur. J. 202228, e202201791 .
  • Culpepper, J. D.; Lee, K.; Portis, W.; Swenson, D. C.; Daly, S. R. "Fluorination and Hydrolytic Stability of Water-Soluble Platinum Complexes with a Borane-Bridged Diphosphoramidite Ligand." Dalton Trans. 202251, 12895-12903.
  • Spielvogel, K. D.; Durgaprasad, G.; Daly, S. R. "Configurational Flexibility of a Triaryl-Supported SBS Ligand with Rh and Ir: Structural Investigations and Olefin Isomerization Catalysis." Organometallics 202241, 1344–1352.
  • Spielvogel, K. D.;* Stumme, N. C.;* Fetrow, T. V.; Wang, L.; Luna, J. A.; Keith, J. M.; Shaw, S. K.; Daly, S. R. "Quantifying Variations in Metal-Ligand Cooperative Binding Strength with Cyclic Voltammetry and Redox-Active Ligands." Inorg. Chem. 202261, 2391–2401. *Equal contributions.
  • Grzybowski, S.; Daly, S. R. "6.09 - Organometallic Pincer Complexes With Group 6 Metals." In Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV, Parkin, G., Meyer, K., O’hare, D. Eds.; Elsevier, 2022, 648-694.
  • Fetrow, T. V.; Daly, S. R. "Mechanochemical Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Trivalent Lanthanide and Uranium Diphenylphosphinodiboranates." Dalton Trans. 2021, 50, 11472–11484.
  • Fetrow, T. V.; Grabow, J. P.; Leddy, J.; Daly, S. R. "Convenient Syntheses of Trivalent Uranium Starting Materials without Uranium Metal." Inorg. Chem. 2021, 60, 7593–7601.
Research areas
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Radiochemistry
Scott R. Daly portrait
Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Lab
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BS, North Central College
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University of Iowa
W474 Chemistry Building (CB)
230 N. Madison Street
Iowa City, IA 52240
United States