All Faculty

  • Renee Cole
    Professor, Department Executive Officer (Department Chair)

    Chemical Education Research, Discourse Analysis, Engaged Learning Environments

  • Mark A. Arnold
    Edwin B. Green Professor in Laser Chemistry, Director, Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing

    Chemical Sensors, near infrared spectroscopy, noninvasive analytical sensing, noninvasive blood glucose sensing, reagent-based optical sensors, biosensing probes, and chemometrics.

  • Dr. Nicole Becker
    Associate Professor

    Evidence-centered curriculum design and assessment; engaging students in scientific practice; model-based reasoning and argumentation in chemistry contexts

  • Aditi Bhattacherjee
    Assistant Professor

    Ultrafast spectroscopy, Femtochemistry, Non-linear optics

  • Ned B. Bowden

    Organic Chemistry, Polymers, Materials, Fertilizers

  • a
  • Carter, Korey
    Assistant Professor

    Radiochemistry; Physical Inorganic Chemistry; Quantum Information Science; Free Radical Chemistry

  • Christopher M. Cheatum
    Professor, Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences, CLAS

    Femtosecond infrared spectroscopy of enzymes, proton-transfer reactions, molecular mechanisms of enzymatic catalysis, reaction dynamics in proteins, vibrational spectroscopy and dynamics, nonlinear spectroscopy.

  • Professor David Cwiertney
    Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor (Secondary Appointment), Department of Chemistry
  • Scott Daly
    Associate Professor

    Inorganic and organometallic chemistry, coordination chemistry, ligand synthesis and design

  • Tori Z. Forbes
    Professor, Director, Materials Analysis, Testing, and Fabrication (MATFab) Facility, Professor (Secondary Appointment), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Radiochemistry; Actinide Chemistry, Nuclear Materials, Materials characterization

  • Gregory K. Friestad
    Associate Professor

    Synthetic methods, Medicinal chemistry, Natural products synthesis

  • M. Lei Geng

    Detection and spectroscopy of single molecules, time-resolved spectroscopy, chiroptical techniques, nonlinear spectroscopy; DNA sequencing; structure and dynamics of proteins; capillary electrophoresis.

  • Edward Gillan photo

    Inorganic materials chemistry, energy and environmentally relevant electrocatalysis and photocatalysis

  • James B. Gloer
    Roy J. Carver/Ralph L. Shriner Professor of Chemistry

    Discovery, isolation, and structure determination of new biologically active natural products from fungi; anticancer agents; antifungal agents; natural insecticides; fungal chemical ecology.

  • Amanda J. Haes

    Surface-enhanced spectroscopy, plasmonics, nanoscience and nanotechnology, experimental physical chemistry

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird
    Associate Professor of Instruction
  • Johna Leddy
    Associate Professor

    Electrochemistry, Magnetoelectrocatalysis, Electrochemical energy systems, Models

  • Dr. Mona Maalouf
    Associate Professor of Instruction
  • Leonard R. MacGillivray
    Professor, Department of Chemistry, Professor (Secondary Appointment), College of Pharmacy

    Molecular recognition; solid state organic and inorganic chemistry; crystal photochemistry; nanotechnology. Synthesis of porous molecular solids and nanometer scale molecular structures for applications in separations, catalysis, and molecular switching. Organic solid state synthesis by design.

  • Claudio J. Margulis

    Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Room-Temperature Ionic-Liquids, Molten Salts, Materials, Environmental, Biological.

  • Dave Martin
    Associate Professor

    Catalysis, radical chemistry, natural product synthesis, neuroprotection

  • Louis Messerle
    Associate Professor

    Transition metal clusters, Reactivity of metal-metal multiple bonds, Early actinide organometallics

  • F. Christopher Pigge
    Associate Professor

    Organometallics in organic synthesis, synthesis of heterocyclic compounds related to alkaloids, design and synthesis of heterocyclic cyclophanes, supramolecular host-guest chemistry, crystal engineering.

  • Aliasger K Salem
    Professor, College of Pharmacy, Professor (Secondary Appointment) Department of Chemistry
  • Schultz, Mike Michael
    Associate Professor of Radiology-Division of Nuclear Medicine, Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment) Department of Chemistry
  • Scott k Shaw
    Associate Professor , Director of Graduate Studies

    Environmental, Energy, Catalysis, Interfaces


  • Dr. James Shepherd
    Associate Professor

    Computational physical chemistry: nanoparticles, solar cell & catalyst design, renewable energy, using big data in chemistry, basic energy sciences, electronic structure & reactivity.

  • Small, Gary
  • Elizabeth Stone

    Environmental, organic, and analytical chemistry; emphasis placed on understanding molecular composition, transformation, and sources of atmospheric aerosols; sea spray; combustion; co-firing; bioaerosols; secondary organic aerosol; laboratory and field studies; gas and liquid chromatography; mass spectrometry; source apportionment

  • Dr. Amy Strathman
    Associate Professor of Instruction
  • Alexei V. Tivanski

    Environmental Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Materials Science

  • David F. Wiemer
    F. Wendell Miller Professor

    organophosphorus, phosphoantigen, enzyme inhibitors

  • Williams
    Assistant Professor

    Boron Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry, Medicinal/mechanistic Biological Chemistry