All Faculty

  • Mark A. Arnold
    Edwin B. Green Chair Professor in Laser Chemistry, Director, Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing

    Chemical Sensors, near infrared spectroscopy, noninvasive analytical sensing, noninvasive blood glucose sensing, reagent-based optical sensors, biosensing probes, and chemometrics.

  • Dr. Nicole Becker
    Assistant Professor

    Evidence-centered curriculum design and assessment; engaging students in scientific practice; model-based reasoning and argumentation in chemistry contexts

  • Ned B. Bowden
    Associate Professor

    Polymer chemistry; organic solvent nanofiltration; membranes; agricultural science; growth promoters for crops; small molecule synthesis; polymer synthesis; drug delivery; nanoscience

  • Christopher M. Cheatum
    Associate Professor

    Femtosecond infrared spectroscopy of enzymes, proton-transfer reactions, molecular mechanisms of enzymatic catalysis, reaction dynamics in proteins, vibrational spectroscopy and dynamics, nonlinear spectroscopy.

  • Renee Cole

    Chemical Education Research: Research based design of instructional materials and teaching strategies; assessment of the impact of novel teaching strategies on student learning and attitudes; scientific discourse and social negotiation of meaning in chemistry; analysis and development of professional development strategies.

  • Dr. Scott Daly
    Assistant Professor

    Inorganic and organometallic chemistry, coordination chemistry, ligand synthesis and design, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, radiochemistry, single-crystal X-ray diffraction.

  • Tori Z. Forbes
    Associate Professor

    Synthesis and characterization of novel actinide-based (232Th, 238U, 237Np) nanotubes and molecular clusters; X-ray diffraction and scattering techniques; transport and mobility of nuclear materials in aqueous environmental systems; radiochemistry.

  • Gregory K. Friestad
    Associate Professor

    Synthetic methodology and natural product synthesis, emphasizing chiral amines, stereoselective carbon-carbon bond constructions, radical addition reactions, organometallic reagents, and asymmetric catalysis.

  • M. Lei Geng

    Detection and spectroscopy of single molecules, time-resolved spectroscopy, chiroptical techniques, nonlinear spectroscopy; DNA sequencing; structure and dynamics of proteins; capillary electrophoresis.

  • Edward Gillan photo
    Associate Professor

    Materials synthesis via thermochemically driven reactions between molecular precursors; metastable nitrogen-rich carbon nitride synthesis; solvothermal and solid-state synthesis of metal nitride, phosphides, sulfides, and oxide nanoparticles; reactive mechanochemistry; applications to energy or environmentally relevant electrocatalysis and photocatalysis.

  • James B. Gloer
    Roy J. Carver/Ralph L. Shriner Professor of Chemistry, Department Executive Officer (Department Chair)

    Discovery, isolation, and structure determination of new biologically active natural products from fungi; anticancer agents; antifungal agents; natural insecticides; fungal chemical ecology.

  • Amanda J. Haes
    Associate Professor

    Noble metal nanoparticle synthesis, purification, surface chemistry modification, and characterization for biosensor development, mass transport of small molecules, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), capillary and microchip electrophoresis.

  • Amnon Kohen

    Bioorganic Chemistry; studying the mechanisms by which enzymes activate C-H and N2 bonds. Examination of protein structure, dynamics and function relationship. Pursuing medical and technological applications of biological catalysts.

  • Dr. Rebecca Laird
  • Johna Leddy
    Associate Professor

    Electrochemistry, mass and electron transfer, interfacial phenomena, composite ion-exchange polymers, modeling and simulations, magnetic effects in electrochemical systems.

  • Dr. Mona Maalouf
  • Leonard R. MacGillivray
    Professor, Department of Chemistry, Professor (Secondary Appointment), College of Pharmacy

    Molecular recognition; solid state organic and inorganic chemistry; crystal photochemistry; nanotechnology. Synthesis of porous molecular solids and nanometer scale molecular structures for applications in separations, catalysis, and molecular switching. Organic solid state synthesis by design.

  • Claudio J. Margulis

    Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Room-Temperature Ionic-Liquids, Sugar-Protein Interactions.

  • Dave Martin
    Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Catalysis, photocatalysis, radical chemistry, natural product synthesis, neuroprotection, mechanism of action studies

  • Sara Mason
    Associate Professor

    Density Functional Theory (DFT), theoretical physical chemistry, electronic structure, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, nanomaterials, geochemistry

  • Dr. David McCurdy
  • Louis Messerle
    Associate Professor

    Synthetic and mechanistic organometalic chemistry of early transition metals, particularly mid-valent and metal-metal multiply-bonded compounds; organopolymetallics of main group elements as organometallic synthons and materials precursors; inorganic complexes in medical diagnostic imaging.

  • F. Christopher Pigge
    Associate Professor

    Organometallics in organic synthesis, synthesis of heterocyclic compounds related to alkaloids, design and synthesis of heterocyclic cyclophanes, supramolecular host-guest chemistry, crystal engineering.

  • Professor Michael Schultz
    Associate Professor, Primary Appointment: Associate Professor of Radiology - Division of Nuclear Medicine
  • Scott K. Shaw
    Assistant Professor

    analytical chemistry, interface science, intermolecular forces, vibrational spectroscopy, electrochemistry, probe microscopy, surface science, PMIRRAS, SFG, VSFG, Raman, Ellipsometry, Polymer Films, Urban Films, CO2 Recyling, Ionic Liquid, RTIL, Biofilm, Adhesion, ultra-smooth surfaces, nano


  • Dr. James Shepherd
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Informatics Institute

    Computational chemistry: nanoparticals, solar cell & catalyst design, renewable energy, using big data in chemistry, basic energy sciences, electronic structure & reactivity.

  • Gary W. Small

    Clinical and environmental applications of infrared spectroscopy, noninvasive blood glucose sensing, passive infrared remote sensing of environmental pollutants, biomedical applications of infrared imaging, and chemometrics.

  • Elizabeth Stone
    Associate Professor

    Environmental, organic, and analytical chemistry; emphasis placed on understanding molecular composition, transformation, and sources of atmospheric aerosols; sea spray; combustion; co-firing; bioaerosols; secondary organic aerosol; laboratory and field studies; gas and liquid chromatography; mass spectrometry; source apportionment

  • Dr. Amy Strathman
    Associate Professor of Instruction
  • Alexei V. Tivanski
    Associate Professor

    Nanoscale studies of mechanical, optical and electrical properties of organic molecules, polymers and biomolecules (single molecules, molecular thin films and interfaces, nanostructures); chemical speciation and enviromental processing of individual submicron atmospheric aerosols and their impact on climate and enviroment; reactive spectromicroscopy of individual submicron aerosols.

  • David F. Wiemer
    F. Wendell Miller Professor

    Synthetic and bioorganic chemistry. Natural product synthesis. Development of synthetic methodology based on organophosphorus chemistry. Synthesis of inhibitors of terpene metabolism, modified carbohydrates, and nucleosides.

  • Williams
    Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Boron chemistry, Nitrene Chemistry, Organic Methodology, Activation of Strong Bonds, Bioorthogonal Cross-Coupling, Chemical Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Small Molecule Synthesis, Neurodegenerative Diseases