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November 2016

Madhur Joshi’s paper entitled ‘’Construction of 1,2,4-Triazole Derivatives via Cyclocondensation of Alkylidene Dihydropyridines and Aryldiazonium Salts’’ has appeared in print in Organic Letters.

October 2016

Moustafa Gabr’s manuscript entitled ‘’A selective fluorescent sensor for Zn2+ based on aggregation-induced emission (AIE) activity and metal chelating ability of bis(2-pyridyl)diphenylethylene’’ has been accepted for publication in Dalton Transactions.

July 2016

Ashabha Lansakara graduated with a PhD from the Pigge group. Congratulations!

Chris Pigge’s review article entitled “Strain-Promoted Cycloadditions for Development of Copper-Free Click Reactions” appeared in print in Current Organic Chemistry. 

Ashabha Lansakara’s paper entitled ‘’Alkylidene Dihydropyridines as Synthetic Intermediates: Model Studies toward the Synthesis of the Bis(piperidine) Alkaloid Xestoproxamine C’’ has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Organic Chemistry.

June 2016

Madhur Joshi’s paper entitled ‘’Dearomatized Alkylidene Dihydropyridines as Substrates for Mizoroki-Heck Cyclizations’’ has appeared in print in ACS Catalysis.

April 2016

Second year graduate student Moustafa Gabr successfully passed his comprehensive examination. Congratulations!

Madhur Joshi received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant award presented by the University of Iowa Council of Teaching.

Ashabha Lansakara and Madhur Joshi have been awarded with the Graduate College Summer Fellowship.

December 2015

Chris Kassl graduated with a PhD from the Pigge group. Congratulations!

October 2015

Madhur Joshi has been awarded with the Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Award for the Spring 2016 semester.

September 2015

Moustafa Gabr’s manuscript entitled ‘’Synthesis and Aggregated-Induced Emission Properties of Pyridine and Pyridinium Analogues of Tetraphenylethylene’’ has been accepted for publication in RSC Advances.

July 2015

Madhur Joshi received a "Best Poster Award" for her presentation at the Eighth Negishi-Brown Symposium at Purdue University. 

Chris Kassl's paper entitled "Charge-assisted halogen bonding in bromo- and iodophenylpyridinium chlorides" has been accepted for publication in Crystal Growth & Design.

June 2015

Madhur Joshi's and Ashabha Lansakara's paper entitled "Intramolecular Cyclizations of Alkylimidazoles" has appeared in print in Tetrahedron Letters.

April 2015

First-year student Moustafa Gabr has received an University of Iowa Graduate College Summer Fellowship, and fifth-year student Chris Kassl was awarded a Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Summer Fellowship. 

Madur Joshi successfully passed her comprehensive exam.  Congratulations! 

December 2014

New student Moustafa Gabr officially joins the group!  Moustafa's research will examine various applications of tetraphenylethylene derivatives in supramolecular and biomolecular chemistry.




  • Copper-free click reagent

    Copper-free click reagent

  • Tetraphenylethylene halogen bonded co-crystal

    Tetraphenylethylene halogen bonded co-crystal

  • Crystalline organic semiconductor

    Crystalline organic semiconductor

  • Neopetrosiamine A

    Neopetrosiamine A

  • Ruthenium-mediated dearomatization

    Ruthenium-mediated dearomatization

  • Reactivity of 4-substituted pyridines

    Reactivity of 4-substituted pyridines

  • Madangamine E

    Madangamine E

  • Halogen bonded nanoporous network

    Halogen bonded nanoporous network