Mark A. Young

Associate Professor Emeritus

Postdoctoral research fellowships

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California-Berkeley (1989)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Colorado State University (1988)


  • Laser photochemistry and spectroscopy of molecular clusters
  • Intermolecular charge-transfer complexes
  • Heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry of aerosol particles
  • Real-time detection of bioaerosols
  • Development of mass spectrometric and molecular beam techniques

Recent publications

  • Preszler Prince, A.; Grassian, V.H.; Kleiber, P.D.; Young, M.A.  Heterogeneous Conversion of Calcite Aerosol by Nitric Acid.  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2006, 5, 622-634.
  • Hudson, P.K.; Gibson, E.R.; Young, M.A.; Kleiber, P.D.; Grassian, V.H.  A Newly Designed and Constructed Instrument for Coupled Infrared Extinction and Size Distribution Measurements of Aerosols.  Aerosol Science and Technology 2007, 41, 701-710.
  • Curtis, D.B.; Aycibin, M.; Young, M.A.; Grassian, V.H.; Kleiber, P.D.  Simultaneous Measurement of Light Scattering Properties and Particle Size Distribution for Aerosols: Application to Ammonium Sulfate and Quartz Aerosol Particles. Atmospheric Environment 2007, 41, 4748-4758.
  • Hudson, P.K.; Young, M.A., Kleiber, P.D.; Grassian, V.H. Coupled Infrared Extinction And Size Distribution Measurements of Several Non-Clay Components of Mineral Dust Aerosol (Quartz, Calcite, and Dolomite).  Atmospheric Environment 2008, 42, 5991-5999.
  • Cwiertny, D.M.; Young, M.A.; Grassian, V.H.  Heterogeneous Chemistry and Photochemistry of Mineral Dust Aerosol.  Annual Reviews of Physical Chemistry 2008, 59, 27-51.
  • Navea, N.G.; Stanier, C.O., Young, M.A.; Grassian, V.H. Heterogeneous Uptake of Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) and Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) onto Mineral Dust Aerosol Under Variable RH Conditions.  Atmospheric Environment 2009 43, 4060-4069.
  • Kleiber, P.D.; Grassian, V.H.; Young, M.A.; Hudson, P.K. T-Matrix Studies of Aerosol Particle Shape Effects on IR Resonance Spectral Line Profiles and Comparison with an Experiment.  Journal of Geophysical Research 2009, 114, doi:10.1029/2009jd012710.
  • Meland, B.; Kleiber, P.D.; Grassian, V.H.; Young, M.A. Correlated IR Spectroscopy and Visible Light Scattering Measurements of Mineral Dust Aerosol.  Journal of Geophysical Research 2010, 115, doi:10.1029/2010JD014389.
  • Hudson, P.K.; Young, M.A., Kleiber, P.D.; Grassian, “V.H. Infrared Extinction and Size Distribution Measurements of Mineral Dust Aerosol" a book chapter in Fundamentals and Applications of Aerosol Spectroscopy, Eds. J.P. Reid and R. Signorell 2010 CRC Press.
  • Chen, H.; Stanier, C.O.; Young, M.A.; Grassian, V.H. A Kinetic Study of Ozone Decomposition on Illuminated Oxide Surfaces.  Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2011, 115, 11979-11987.

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PhD, University of California-Berkeley
AB, Princeton University