Welcome to our group home page!  It’s all about interfaces for us!  We are physical/analytical chemistry group with strong emphasis on the development of novel methods towards understanding the uniqueness and complexity of the Nanoworld. We utilize cutting-edge Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) based techniques to study physical and chemical properties at the nanoscale.  Our work is strongly interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature with researchers from other fields of science and engineering.

Our present efforts lie in the following three major research themes:

  • Nanoscience/Materials Science with the focus on size-dependent electrical, mechanical, and (photo)-reactivity studies that encompass organic and inorganic nano- and macro-dimensional solids with unique properties

3-D height image of nanosized round      3-D height image of nanosized rod           Amplitude image of  
 shaped organic cocrystal                         shaped organic cocrystal                         macrosized organic

  • Atmospheric/Environmental Chemistry with the focus on the development and application of AFM based methods toward direct measurements of individual submicrometer organic/inorganic aerosol properties that include humidity-dependent 3D morphology, water uptake, and surface tension

  Aged NaCl : sucrose mixture                    3-D single particle image                            Height image of   
  particles with fractal patterns                     of  NaCl : sucrose  mixture with                NaCl : sucrose impacted 
                                                                    core - shell morphology                             sample

  • Biochemistry/Biophysics with the focus on the development of novel molecular recognition force-based methods to study unbinding interactions between various proteins (e.g. enzymes) and ligands (e.g. drugs, inhibitors) on a single molecule level

dsDNA in buffer
       3D height image of dsDNA immobilized
             on to mica in pH 7 buffer

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Atmospheric/Environmental Chemistry work in our lab is funded by National Science Foundation through center for aerosol impacts on chemistry of the environment (CAICE)

We invite you to explore our site, learn about our exciting research, and join us to discover fascinating chemistry unique to the Nanoworld!