Ned B. Bowden

In Brief

I started out at Caltech (California institute of technology) working with Robert H. Grubbs on olefin metathesis, a reaction I still study in my independent research. After obtaining my BS in 1994, I left the West coast for the East coast and joined the group of G. M. Whitesides at Harvard University. I obtained a M.S. (1997) and a Ph. D. (1999) working on "Order and disorder: Mesoscale self-assembly and waves". I then left the East coast to come back to the West coast for a post-doc at Stanford university with Robert M. Waymouth (2000-2002) working on polymers.

I held post-doc positions both at Harvard (1999) and Stanford (2000-2002) Universities. In 2002 I joined the faculty at the University of Iowa as an assistant professor. I started my independent research and have seen the "first generation Bowdenites"  (as my students like to call themselves) flourish into great chemists. In 2009 I was promoted to an associate professor with tenure at the University of Iowa.




1994 – 1999                M.S. in 1997, Ph.D. in 1999

                                    Department of Chemistry

                                    Harvard University

                                    Cambridge, MA 02138

                                    Thesis Title: Order and Disorder: Mesoscale Self-Assembly and Waves

                                    Advisor: Professor George M. Whitesides        


1990 – 1994                B.S. in 1994

                                    Department of Chemistry

                                    California Institute of Technology

                                    Pasadena, CA 91126

                                    Advisor: Robert H. Grubbs


Professional Appointments


2009 – present            Associate Professor

                                    Department of Chemistry

                                    University of Iowa


2002 – 2009                Assistant Professor

                                    Department of Chemistry

                                    University of Iowa

                                    Iowa City, IA 52242


2000 – 2002                Post-doctoral Scientist

                                    Department of Chemistry

                                    Stanford University

                                    Palo Alto, CA 94305

                                    Advisor: Professor Robert M. Waymouth


1999                            Post-doctoral Scientist

                                    Department of Chemistry

                                    Harvard University

                                    Cambridge, MA 02138

                                    Advisor: Professor George M. Whitesides

Editor Positions

May 2018 – Present    Associate Editor of ACS Applied Nano Materials

Honors and Awards


2009                            University Housing Academic Excellence Award

2006                            Graduate Student Travel Award Administered by the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry for my student M. Brett Runge

2005                            American Cancer Society Grant for New Avenues of Research

2003                            American Chemical Society: Petroleum Research Fund Type G


2003                            Research Corporation: Research Innovation Award

2000 – 2002                Postdoctoral Fellowship Based in the Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies 

1994 – 1997                Predoctoral Fellowship from the Department of Defense

1994                            American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award for Outstanding Senior Majoring in Chemistry

1993 – 1994                Barry Goldwater Scholarship

1992 – 1993                Richard P. Schuster Memorial Prize to Outstanding Junior or Senior in Chemistry

1992 – 1994                Caltech Carnation Scholarship