Investigating the Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols and their Impacts on Health and Climate

Stone Group Researchers

Prof. Betsy Stone, undergraduate researchers, and graduate research assistants engage in research on the composition and sources of atmospheric aerosols.  Researchers develop skills in field sample collection, environmental sample preparation, analytical method development, quality control, instrumental and data analysis, source apportionment, and sharing of results with the scientific community. 


Betsy Stone, Assistant Professor
Robiul Islam, Graduate Research Assistant
Elias Hasenecz, Graduate Research Assistant
Dagen Hughes, Graduate Research Assistant
Gavin Parker, Graduate Research Assistant
Swathi Mamillapalli, Graduate Research Assistant
Glorianne Dorce, Graduate Research Assistant
Chamari Buddhika Mampage, Graduate Research Assistant
Nicole States, Graduate Research Assistant
Alissia Milani, Undergraduate Researcher
Tianyi Li, Undergraduate Researcher
Virginia Lamas Meza, Undergraduate Researcher
Matthew Sovers, Undergraduate Researcher
Cassandra Barrett, Undergraduate Researcher
Ibrahim Al Naiema, Ph.D. 2018 (alumnus)
Anusha Hettiyadura, Ph.D. 2018 (alumnus)
Carter Madler, B.S. 2018 (alumnus)
Thilina Jayarathne, Ph.D. 2017 (alumnus)
Chathurika Rathnayake, Ph.D. 2016 (alumnus)
Josh Kettler, M.S. 2016 (alumnus)
Zehra Khan, B.A. 2016 (alumna)
Ruikun Xin, B.S. 2016 (alumnus)
Ashley Gilbert, B.S. 2016 (alumna)
Candice Smith, B.S. 2016 (alumna)
Kaitlyn Daugherty, B.S. 2016 (alumna)
John Groenenboom, M.S. 2015 (alumnus)
Richard Cochran, Post-doctoral Researcher (former)
Miranda Neff, B.A. 2015 (alumna)
Michael Dolan, B.S. 2015 (alumnus)
Kevin Frey, B.S. 2014 (alumnus)
Jared Downard, M.S. 2014 (alumnus)
Zach Baker, B.S. 2013 (alumnus)
Austin Kammerer, B.S. 2013 (alumnus)
Lucy Sanchez, B.S. 2013 (alumna)
Lucas Saunders, B.S. 2013 (alumnus)
Sean Staudt, B.S. 2013 (alumnus)
Shuvashish Kundu, Post-doctoral Researcher (former)