Elemental Analysis:

Our Exeter Elemental Analyzer has been moved from Chemistry to The Mat Lab Creates Facility in the Iowa Applied Technologies Labs (IATL).

CHN analysis: The cost of running a set of samples costs $15 + $5 per sample submitted.  If multiple labs submit samples for a single run, the $15 cost is divided between the labs

*switching over to C/Sulfur/N costs the same per sample, however demand is not usually high for sulfur samples.  Therefore there will be an additional fee associated with switching over to sulfur to cover material costs.  Please email philip-pagano@uiowa.edu for more information regarding CSN analysis. 

Cary UV-Vis/NIR: $3.00/ hr

Fluoromax Fluorometer: $5.00/ hr

Dawn Heleos II Multi-Angle/Dynamic Light Scattering: $10 per sample run (injection)

Isothermal Titration Calorimeter: $12.50/ 3 hr block of time 

Atomic Force Microscope: $10/ hr

Nanodrop OneC: $3.00/ hr

nCS1 Particle Characterization: $25/ sample cartridge

Autoclave: $2.50/ cycle

**We are happy to accomidate labs from outside of the University of Iowa. Additional rates may apply. Labs within the Department/University may be given priority if necessary. Contact Phil Pagano (philip-pagano@uiowa.edu) if you have any questions regarding these matters.