Atomic Force Microscopy


See below for contacting the Tivanski group for training.

Location in the building: CB E273

Costs to use: $10/hour

Contact information: Graduate Research Assistant: Hansol Lee (, Graduate Teaching Assistant: Kamal Ray (, Graduate Research Assistant: Thiranjeewa Mudiyanselage (

Shared Instrumentation Facility Manager: Mike Estenson  (

Model: Molecular Force Probe 3D Classic (MFP-3D) AFM from Asylum Research, Santa Barbara

Brochure, procedures, operation manual: see, or contact the Tivanski Lab, or the company directly to request additional information

The Molecular Force Probe 3D Atomic Force Microscope is a scanning probe microscopy instrument that is capable obtaining 3D height, amplitude, and phase images with 1 nm spatial and 1 pN force resolution, respectively. The high resolution is achieved by using a very sharp AFM probe that can raster scan the surface, either with tapping or contact mode. Since its conception, it has been widely used in both academic and industrial settings for its amazing imaging capabilities. For example, its current applications can be widely found in materials science, environmental/atmospheric chemistry, life science, and other advanced applications. Specific examples on how the AFM is currently being used in the Chemistry department of University of Iowa are shown here: Whatever the application, the AFM provides the users with cutting-edge imaging capabilities for discoveries in nanoscience, environmental/atmospheric chemistry, and biochemistry.

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AFM-Up close and personal