X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Xray 3 X-ray diffraction
D8 Duo X-ray Diffraction Facility
D8 Adv X-ray Diffraction
Kappa Apexll X-ray Diffraction

The X-Ray Diffraction Facility (W437CB) has both single-crystal and powder diffraction instrumentation available for users and as a service. Three single-crystal diffractometers for the determination of solid-state structures of new molecules are available. The latest addition is state-of-the-art Bruker D8-Venture Duo diffractometer equipped with a Photon III detector, Mo-target and Cu-target micro-focus x-ray tubes and an Oxford Cryostreams 800 series N2 gas stream sample cooler/heater (90K to 400K). Also available are a Bruker-Nonius KappaCCD with an ApexII detector, fine-focus Mo-target x-ray tube and Oxford Cryostreams 700 series N2 gas sample cooler (90K to room temperature) and a Nonius KappaCCD with a Mo-target x-ray tube and an Oxford Cryostreams 700 series Na gas sample cooler.

Powder diffraction is performed with a Bruker D8 Advance Bragg-Brentano powder diffractometer equipped with a Lynx-Eye 192 section (2.9 degree) solid-state detector and Twin-Twin optics (variable slits or Goebel mirrors).

Location: 435 CB
Phone: (319) 335-0291
Fax: (319) 335-1270
E-mail: dale-swenson@uiowa.edu