NMR Facility


The University of Iowa Central NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Facility serves more than 25 research groups and over 100 graduate and undergraduate students and post-doctoral associates of many University Departments from the colleges of Liberal arts, Medicine, Pharmacy and Engineering. The NMR facility houses spectrometers with proton observation frequencies ranging from 300MHz to 600MHz including solid state NMR equipment. These instruments are capable of performing most of the state-of-the-art NMR experiments for small molecules as well as for bio-molecular research. Variable temperature and multinuclear capabilities are standard in all the instruments.  Our recent acquisitions include a 600-MHz solution and 500-MHz solids NMR spectrometers.  The 600-MHz instrument includes a 1.7mm microprobe for collecting data on mass-limited samples requiring high sensitivity.  The solids NMR spectromter has been installed with many modern probes capable of spinning the samples up to 35kHz. The NMR facility is financially supported by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Office of the Vice President for Research and user-fee revenues and administratively supervised by the Department of Chemistry.


Santhana Velupillai
Director, NMR Facility

Solution- and Solid-State NMR spectroscopy of Chemical and Biological Materials, Structural biology, Bimolecular structure and dynamics, Structure and function of nucleic acids and proteins, Medicinal chemistry, Metabolomics, NMR education

George Crull
Assistant Director, NMR Facility

Solid and Solution State NMR spectroscopy, Molecular interactions and dynamics especially of crystalline or amorphous materials, Structure elucidation, NMR method development, External client support, Outreach and education

Evan Schroeder
Graduate Student Assistant