Keck Science and Engineering Research and Medical Research Programs

The Keck Foundation strives to fund endeavors that are distinctive and novel in their approach. It encourages projects that are high-risk with the potential for transformative impact.  The Keck Research Program seeks to benefit humanity by supporting projects in two specific areas (1) medical research and (2) science and engineering, that are distinctive and novel in their approach, question the prevailing paradigm, or have the potential to break open new territory in their field.  Past grants have been awarded to major universities, independent research institutions, and medical schools to support pioneering biological and physical science research and engineering, including the development of promising new technologies, instrumentation or methodologies.
Applications to the Keck program are a two-step process as recommended by the Foundation. Keck will review in advance no more than four concept papers and will select, in conjunction with the Office of the Vice President for Research, which projects will advance to the Phase I application process.
Although the university application process is open to all, we are notifying the Associate Deans for Research, instead of broadly advertising in WINS, to select the most appropriate project(s) for consideration.  Please send the names of potential applicants to by Tuesday, May 10, 2016.  Candidates will then be notified and sent the attached guidelines to submit one-page concept papers to the OVPRED by Tuesday, June 8.  Keck’s pre-application counseling window is July 1 to August 15 leading up to a November 1 Phase I submission.