Chemistry IT Support

Chemistry IT Support

Chemistry IT Support is the main resource for hardware and software support of desktop and laptop computers for Faculty, Staff and Students as well as teaching and research laboratories in the Department. The IT staff also assists in resolving problems with printing, networking, interfacing, mobile devices and server access.

If you need assistance, please e-mail:

Service Level Agreement

Brief summary of services provided:

  • Hardware and software installation, maintenance, and upgrading on departmental Windows, Macintosh, and Linux desktop computer systems (CLAS Linux Team).
  • Design and installation of related computer technology in instructional labs
  • Research, identification, evaluation, and implementation of hardware and software for networking and interfacing computers to experiments in instructional labs and research facilities
  • Enhancement of departmental computer-related facilities and capabilities including streamlining and improving usage of computational resources
  • File and print, web, and administrative services