Listing of all Faculty in the department.
Name E-mail Phone Office

Renee S. Cole

Professor; Department Executive Officer (DEO/Department Chair); Physical & Computational Chemistry ; Chemical Education 319-384-1883 E331 or W331 CB

Mark A. Arnold

Edwin B. Green Professor in Laser Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry ; Director, Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing 319-335-1368 230 IATL

Aditi Bhattacherjee

Assistant Professor; Physical & Computational Chemistry

319-467-4172 118 IATL

Ned B. Bowden

Professor; Organic Chemistry 319-335-1198 W425 CB

Adam Brummett

Assistant Professor of Instruction

319-467-1695 E325 CB

Korey Carter

Assistant Professor; Inorganic Chemistry

319-467-4171 E357 CB

Christopher M. Cheatum

Professor; Physical & Computational Chemistry; Associate Dean for the Natural, Mathematical, and Social Sciences, CLAS 319-353-0379 326 IATL

David Cwiertny

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Professor (Secondary Appointment), Department of Chemistry

(319) 335-1401 4655 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences

Scott R. Daly

Associate Professor; Inorganic Chemistry

319-384-1356 W474 CB

Tori Z. Forbes

Professor; Inorganic Chemistry; Director, Materials Analysis, Testing, and Fabrication (MATFab) Facility; Professor (Secondary Appointment), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 319-384-1320 W374 CB

Gregory K. Friestad

Associate Professor; Organic Chemistry 319-335-1364 E455 CB

M. Lei Geng

Professor; Analytical Chemistry 319-335-3167 W176 CB

Edward G. Gillan

Professor; Inorganic Chemistry 319-335-1308 W325 CB

James B. Gloer

Roy J. Carver/Ralph L. Shriner Professor of Chemistry; Organic Chemistry 319-335-1361 E515 CB

Rebecca Laird

Associate Professor of Instruction

319-384-4175 W341 CB

Johna Leddy

Associate Professor; Analytical Chemistry ; Physical & Computational Chemistry 319-335-1720 W358 PBB

Mona Maalouf

Associate Professor of Instruction; Director of Undergraduate Studies

319-335-4832 W337 CB

Claudio J. Margulis

Professor; Physical & Computational Chemistry 319-335-0615 244 IATL

Dave Martin

Associate Professor ; Organic Chemistry

319-467-1673 E433 CB

Lou Messerle

Associate Professor; Organic Chemistry ; Inorganic Chemistry 319-335-1372 E457 CB

Pere Miro

Associate Professor

F. Christopher Pigge

Associate Professor; Organic Chemistry 319-335-3805 E557 CB

Aliasger Salem

Professor, College of Pharmacy; Professor (Secondary Appointment) Department of Chemistry

(319) 335-8810 452 CPN

Michael Schultz

Associate Professor of Radiology-Division of Nuclear Medicine; Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment) Department of Chemistry

319-335-8017 B180 ML

Scott K. Shaw

Associate Professor ; Analytical Chemistry ; Director of Graduate Studies

319-384-1355 W476 CB

Michael Sinnwell

Assistant Professor of Instruction

319-384-1873 E323 CB

Gary Small

Professor; Analytical Chemistry

335-3214 204 IATL

Elizabeth A. Stone

Professor; Analytical Chemistry 319-384-1863 W376 CB

Amy Strathman

Associate Professor of Instruction 319-335-1108 E323 CB

Alexei V. Tivanski

Professor; Analytical Chemistry ; Physical & Computational Chemistry 319-384-3692 E272 CB

Bess Vlaisavljevich

Associate Professor

David F. Wiemer

F. Wendell Miller Professor; Organic Chemistry 319-335-1365 E531 CB

Florence Williams

Assistant Professor ; Organic Chemistry

319-384-1319 W285 CB

Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

Listing of Visiting Faculty and Adjunct Faculty in the department
Name E-mail Phone Office

Binaya Shrestha

Instructional Services Manager, Adjunct Lecturer, Chem Teaching Labs

319-353-2294 W441 CB

Nicole Becker

Adjunct Associate Professor

Shuvendu Das

Adjunct Assistant Professor

319-335-4905 E230 CB

Amanda J. Haes

Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry

Leonard R. MacGillivray

Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry

Sara E. Mason

Adjunct Associate Professor

Catherine Radzewich

Visiting Assistant Professor

319-335-1375 W339 CB

James Shepherd

Adjunct Associate Professor

Manisha Skaria

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

E230 CB


Listing of Additional Support Staff in the department
Name E-mail Phone Office

Shonda L. Monette

Departmental Administrator

319-335-1344 E331A CB

Amy Charles

Research Support Specialist

319-353-2348 W431 CB

George Crull

Assistant Director, NMR Spectroscopist, Chem NMR Facility

319-384-1315 W275A CB

Lindsay Elliott

Graduate Program Coordinator, Chem Admin Office

319-335-0200 E331 CB

Mike Estenson

Project Engineer, Electrical, Chem Electronics Shop 319-335-2113 W138 CB

Rachel Franke

Administrative Services Coordinator, Chem Admin Office

319-335-1350 E331 CB

Dominic Frisbie

Administrator of Instruction

319-335-1170 W439 CB

Evelyn Knight

Facilities Coordinator, Chemistry Stores

319-467-0968 W93G CB

Brian D. Morrison

Instructional Services Specialist, Chem Teaching Labs 319-335-1917 W444B CB

Adam L. Page

Instructional Services Coordinator, Chemistry Center

319-335-7962 E225D CB

Emily Platt

Instructional Services Specialist, Chem Teaching Labs

319-467-4481 W444D CB

Benjamin Revis

Scientific Glassblower, Chem Glass Shop 319-335-1337 W152 CB

Binaya Shrestha

Instructional Services Manager, Adjunct Lecturer, Chem Teaching Labs

319-353-2294 W441 CB


Instructional Services Specialist, Chemistry Center
319-467-1527 E225D CB

Santhana Velupillai

Director, Chem NMR Facility 319-353-2291 W184 CB

Chris Crawford

HR Manager, CLAS Administration

319-467-4822 240 SH

Tim Koon

Supply Chain Coordinator, UI Shared Services 319-335-1383 W93C CB

Sandy Mast

Senior Financial Analyst, CLAS Finance

319-335-9304 202 SH

Molly Buhrow

Associate Director, Pre-Award Team Lead, CLAS Grant Support Office


Tammy Smith

Research Support Manager, Post-Award, CLAS Grant Support Office


Michael Ciha

IT Support Analyst, Enterprise Services, Chem IT

319-334-4204 E127 CB

Peter Franke

Senior IT Support Consultant, Enterprise Services, Chem IT

319-335-1471 E127 CB

Bryan Ringen

IT Support Consultant, Enterprise Services, Chem IT

319-335-0149 E127 CB

Conrad Bendixen

Librarian, Chemistry Library, Library Administration

319-335-0312 E237 CB

Vic Parcell

Core Facility Research Specialist, Mass Spectrometry Facility 319-335-1381 W76 CB

Lynn Teesch

Director, Mass Spectrometry Facility 319-335-1216 W75 CB