Russell Larsen

Associate Professor of Instruction

Russell Larsen has taught at the University of Iowa since 1995 and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry.  He earned a BA in chemistry from Grinnell College, a PhD in physical chemistry from Harvard University and completed research as a postdoctoral associate at The University of California- Berkeley.  In recent years, he has specialized in teaching large first-year chemistry courses, with enrollments of 500 -1500 students per semester.  For large chemistry classes, there are potentially many barriers to success, and Dr. Larsen has established a reputation for crafting engaging course materials and creatively applying technology, including learning analytics, to catalyze student success.  Dr. Larsen has developed several hands-on activities drawn from nanoscience and food chemistry and has used adaptations of these actives in the freshman chemistry, in community outreach events, in short courses on Nanomedicine for middle school students, and in seminar courses on Molecular Gastronomy.  Dr. Larsen’s teaching effectiveness and innovation has been recognized by the Lane Davis Award for Honors Team-Teaching (2014) and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Collegiate Teaching Award (2012).