UI Chemistry partners in Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology

Dr. Sara Mason
Sunday, August 30, 2015 - 7:00pm

A recent Iowa Now story highlights the Department of Chemistry's contributions towards sustainable nanotechnology. 

While there are already hundreds of products that use nanomaterials in various ways, there are still lots of unknowns about how these modern materials and the tiny particles they are composed of interact with the environment and living things.  "The purpose of the center is to explore how we can make sure these nanotechnologies come to fruition with little or no environmental impact,” explained Robert Hamers, director of the center and a professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin Madison. “We’re looking at nanoparticles in emerging technologies.”

University of Iowa's contributions will be in the areas of theoretical and computational chemistry, led by Prof. Sara E. Mason.  UI's participation in the CSN will provide postdoctoral and graduate researchers with the opportunity to contribute to the emerging and socially important fields of environmental and nanoscience, while collaborating with top scientists from the other center partners.   CSN funding is provided by the NSF Division of Chemistry through the Centers for Chemical Innovation Program (CHE-1240151).