The Stanley Wawzonek Lectureship

Stanley Wawzonek was born in Valley Falls, Rhode Island. He graduated magna cum lauda with a B.S. degree in chemistry from Brown University in 1935. He received his Ph.D. degree in 1939 from the University of Minnesota. In 1940, Dr. Wawzonek received a National Research Council Fellowship and worked under Dr. C.S. Marvel at the University of Illinois. He served as an instructor at Illinois for two additional years before becoming an instructor of organic chemistry at the University of Tennessee in 1943. The following year he became an assistant professor of organic chemistry at The University of Iowa. He was promoted to full professor in 1952, and served as department chairman from 1962 to 1968.

Dr. Wawzonek supervised the research of 56 doctoral degree students and seven master's degree students. He had 196 publications and three patents, one of which was cited by Current Contents in 1984 as a Citation Classic. He received the Iowa Award of the American Chemical Society in 1960, the Midwest Award of the American Chemical Society in 1976 and the Outstanding Achievement Award of the University of Minnesota in 1975. He became a Distinguished Fellow of the Iowa Academy of Science in 1979.

Dr. Wawzonek was also active as an editor and consultant. He served as an Associate Editor of Chemical Reviews from 1960 to 1962 and on the editorial boards of the Journal of Electrochemical Society and Organic Preparation and Procedures International. He was a consultant for Ashland Oil, Inc., the Monsanto Company, and Union Carbide Corporation.


Past Stanley Wawzonek Lecturers


  • 2019  John L. Wood, Baylor University
  • 2017  Veronique Gouverneur, University of Oxford
  • 2016  Richard Silverman, Northwestern University
  • 2015  Cynthia Burrows. University of Utah
  • 2014. Gary Molander. University of Pennsylvania.
  • 2013. Sir Fraser Stoddart. Northwestern University.
  • 2012. Charles L. Perrin. University of California, San Diego.
  • 2011. Dale L. Boger. The Scripps Research Institute
  • 2008. David Y. Gin. Sloan-Kettering Institute Cancer Center, University Park, PA.
  • 1997. Albert I. Meyer. Colorado State University.
  • 1994. Thomas R. Cech. University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • 1992. Peter B. Dervan. California Institute of Technology.
  • 1991. Paul A. Wender. Stanford University.
  • 1990. Duilio Arigoni. ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • 1988. Samuel Danishefsky. Columbia University.
  • 1987. Alan R. Katrizky. University of Florida.