Professor Dave Martin Promoted to Associate Professor

Associate Professor Dave Martin
Tuesday, August 16, 2022 - 1:45pm

Prof. Dave Martin was promoted to Associate Professor in July 2022. Dr. Martin has been a part of the University of Iowa Department of Chemistry since 2019. His research group focuses on the study and treatment of human diseases through the synthesis of bioactive molecules, developing new catalytic transformations and novel strategies for bond activation. Dr. Martin's most recent grants and awards include the NIH MIRA Award (2020-2025), NSF Career Award (2018-2023), UBC Chemistry Young Alumnus Award (2017), Regents Faculty Fellowship (2017-2018), the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award (2017) and the 2022 Ronald T. Pflaum Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award for his work with the Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity.

From the Martin lab group website: “Research in the Martin lab focuses on the development of new catalytic transformations, novel strategies for bond activation and the synthesis of bioactive molecules for the study and treatment of human disease. We find inspiration both through the identification of bioactive natural product targets and through consideration of larger problems where organic chemistry is poised to offer practical solutions (e.g. depolymerization and selective functionalization of biomass). Our goal is to provide reaction platforms that are both practical and sustainable and to work with groups specialized in biological and biochemical fields to investigate the causes and prevention of diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration.”

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