Margulis Group work featured in press

Monday, August 16, 2021 - 3:00pm

The work of several members of the Margulis Group, along with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been featured in three major publications. The Royal Chemical Society’s Chemical Science, the American Chemical Society’s The Journal of Physical Chemistry B and Chemical & Engineering News.

The feature in c&en, “Chromium ions can form clusters in molten salts” can be found here:

From the abstract of the article: “These findings challenge several assumptions regarding specific ionic interactions and transport in molten salts, where aggregation of dilute species is not statistically expected, particularly at high temperature.”

Authors include members of the Margulis Group: Shobha Sharma, Fei Wu and Claudio J. Margulis.

Pictured: the covers of The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (left) & Chemical Science (right)