Hansol Lee receives dual awards

Hansol Lee
Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 10:45am

Hansol Lee, a member of the Tivanski group, has received two ACS student awards.

 Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year

  • The Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year program encourages each local section to recognize one individual annually for demonstrating extraordinary outreach volunteer service within the section. An announcement with all of the awardees’ names will be made in the Spring of 2018 in C&E News, and awardees photos and volunteer accomplishments will be published on the Get Involved, Stay Involved web page.
  • Hansol Lee has mentored 10 high school students in Collaborative Learning in Environmental and Aerosol Research through the Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment. With Dr. DeEtta Andersen, Professor Elizabeth Stone, and Professor Alexei Tivanski, Hansol helped to develop the program and implement it Iowa. Under his guidance, the students experienced how the scientific method is used to answer a specific question, and their overall findings were presented in the 129th Iowa Academy of Science Annual Meeting, where Hansol also served as a judge.
  • https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/membership-and-networks/ls/grantsawards/local-section-outreach-volunteers/2018.html#ej

 Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry

  • This award recognizes graduate students who are working in areas related to environmental chemistry. The awardees are publicized in EnvirofACS and Environmental Science and Technology.
  • Award decisions were  based on student’s records in course work, evidence of research productivity, and on statements from their graduate faculty advisors. Primary emphasis was given to the student’s potential for future contributions as professionals in environmental chemistry.
  • http://acsenvr.com/awards-recognition/graduate-student-awards/