Dr. Scott Daly Participates in Ruck March

Scott Daly and fellow veterans
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 3:00pm

Dr. Scott Daly, an assistant professor and Army Veteran, is one of more than 100 veterans parcipating in a march from Nebraska to Iowa prior the football game.  He was recently interviewed by the Cedar Rapids Gazette

Photo: From left: Will Hanchett, an Army veteran, Kris Latorre, a Marine Corps veteran and Scott Daly, an Army veteran, pose for a portrait with items they’ll pack in their ruck sack for the University of Iowa Veteran’s Association Ruck March on Nov. 17-25, 2016. They’ll march with almost 300 veterans from Iowa and Nebraska who will carry 22 pounds worth of symbolic mementos in a ruck sack for Each pound in the ruck sack represents the number of veterans that commit suicide each day, which according to recent numbers from the Department of Veterans Affairs is 20 veterans each day in the United States. (Liz Zabel/The Gazette)