Dr. Cole co-edits book on balancing motherhood with academic careers in chemistry

Mom the Chemistry Professor
Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 7:00pm

Professor Renee S. Cole has co-edited and written a chapter for Mom the Chemistry Professor, a book highlighting some of the challenges and rewards of raising a family while balancing a demanding academic career as a chemistry professor. The book features sixteen personal accounts by women chemistry professors working in academia who are also mothers.

Dr. Cole’s chapter follows her career from her middle-school interest in tutoring math and science to her PhD in physical chemistry and professorship at UI, where she is developing a strong research program in chemistry education. She addresses the difficulties and rewards of starting a family while in graduate school, and offers advice on how to balance the demands and responsibilities of a family with those of a faculty position.

The final chapter in this book discusses the unique challenges of being a pregnant or breastfeeding woman in a career where there is a risk of exposure to potentially hazardous substances. The chapter addresses safety concerns and offers strategies for scientists and administrators dealing with these issues.

Dr. Cole edited the book with Dr. Kimberly Woznack, professor of chemistry at California University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Cecilia Marzabdi, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Seton Hall University, and Dr. Gail Webster, professor of chemistry at Guilford College.

The book is available for purchase through Springer, http://www.springer.com/chemistry/book/978-3-319-06043-9 . The publishers are currently working on a second edition of the book that will further expand the diversity of examples of women in chemistry who have combined motherhood and the professoriate.