Congratulations to our Graduates!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 2:15pm

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce our graduates for Fall 2012.

The following students received their BA in Chemistry:
Troy Strom
Matthew Vang

The following students received their BS in Chemistry:
Amy Donovan
Melissa Fairley
Erin Flores
Kyle Gojdas
Jenny Hedlund
Anna Libo
Yimo Wang

The following students received their MS in Chemistry:
Sherif Negm

The following students received their Ph.D. in Chemistry:

Joo Young Choi
Advisor: Dr. Mark Arnold
Thesis: Advancing Solid-state Near-infrared Spectroscopy for Clinical Measurements of Glucose and Urea

Ashish Datt
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Larsen
Thesis: Applications of Mesoporous Silica and Zeolites for Drug Delivery

Lindsay Ditzler
Advisor: Dr. Alexei Tivanski
Thesis: Probing Physical Properties at the Nanoscale Using Atomic Force Microscopy

Elizabeth Elacqua
Advisor: Dr. Len MacGillivray
Thesis: Supramolecular Chemistry of Molecular Concepts: Tautomers, Chirality, Protecting Groups, Trisubstituted Olefins, Cyclophanes, and Their Impact on the Organic Solid State

Tyler Graf
Advisor: Dr. Ned Bowden
Thesis: Poly(disulfidediamines): New Biodegradable Polymers

Qiaohan Guo
Advisors: Dr. Chris Cheatum, Dr. Amnon Kohen
Thesis: Quantitative Infrared Spectroscopy in Challenging Environments: Applications to Passive Remote Sensing and Process Monitoring

Abhinaba Gupta
Advisor: Dr. Ned Bowden
Thesis: Polydicyclopentadiene: A Novel Organic Solvent Nanofiltration Membrane

Travis Owen
Advisor: Dr. Jan Rohde
Thesis: Oxidation of Nitrogen Monoxide by Oxoiron(IV) Complexes: Mechanistic Studies and Related Investigations with an Iron Nitrosyl Complex

William Rock
Advisor: Dr. Chris Cheatum
Thesis: 2D IR Done Cheaper, Easier, and Faster: Design and Applications

John Sander
Advisor: Dr. Len MacGillivray
Thesis Expansions of Supramolecular Chemistry: Nanocrystals, Pharmaceutical Cocrystals, Imaging, and Decorated Olefins

Vanja Stojkovic
Advisor: Dr. Amnon Kohen
Thesis: Contribution of Active Site Dynamics to Enzyme Catalysis: Study on a Series of Mutants of Dihydrofolate Reductase

Zhen Wang
Advisor: Dr. Amnon Kohen
Thesis: Catalytic Mechanisms of Thymidylate Synthases: Bringing Experiments and Computations Together