Organic Chemistry Seminar Schedule

September 7               Cory Ludwig (3-month seminar) (Title: Alcohol Activation Strategies and Hydrogen Atom Transfer Using Cobalt and Iron Photocatalysts

September 14             Zarko Boskovic (University of Kansas) (Title: Choices! Skeletal Photo-isomerization as a Key Tool for the Exploration of New Chemical Space) 

September 21 

September 28             Prof. Ned Bowden and Prof. Greg Friestad (Title: Introduction to the Bowden Reseach Group and Intro to Research in the Friestad Group)

October 5                    Jett Tjaden (Bowden group) 

October 12                  Dr. Charles Yeung (Merck)  

October 19                 Prof. Florence Williams

October 26                  Ebuka Onyeyilim (Martin group) 

November 2                Abby Carlin (Gloer/Cwiertny groups) 

November  9                Prof. David Martin

November 16              Chris Douglas (University of Minnesota) (title/abs TBD) 

Thanksgiving break 

November 30              Idowu Otunomo (Williams group) 

December 7                (Week 15 – backup date) 

There are no events at this time.