Claudio Margulis Receives DOE Award

Claudio Margulis
Friday, September 29, 2023 - 3:45pm

Claudio Margulis: DOE/University of Minnesota; The Nature, Dynamics and Reactivity of Electrons in Ionic Liquids; $478,541.


Our proposal, “The nature, dynamics and reactivity of electrons in ionic liquids” seeks to understand for a selected group of ionic liquids ( ILs) the nature of excess electrons at their early stage of existence.  We will do this by comparing experimental results produced by the group of Prof. Blank at UMN in collaboration with those of Dr. Wishart at BNL with computational studied at the U of Iowa.  Wishart will be a close collaborator but not a co-grantee. Project Scope: At Iowa, we will generate classical and first principles calculations to better understand and predict the behavior of excess electrons in a proposed set of ILs. These studies may include single frame or molecular dynamics simulations as needed.