Understanding the chemical perspectives of enzymes and their medical applications


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Intrinsic KIES: Mathematica Script and Instructions, Online Tools
Fit Primary KIEs to Marcus-like Models (Hydrogen Donor-Acceptor Fluctuations from Kinetic Isotope Effects: A Phenomenological Model)
Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis (Third Edition)



Other useful links

Biosciences program

American Chemical Society - Journals

Protein Data Bank operated by the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB). (Also check out Chemical Compound Dictionary for information on ligands, residues, and other small molecules found in PDB entries.)

Springer Handbook of Enzymes

Dynamic Periodic Table for all chemical elements

A Sequence and Structure Searching Site at the University of California at Berkeley

The Merrium-Webster Online Dictionary & Thesaurus

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