The Grassian group is involved in several research areas including surface chemistry of environmental interfaces, heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry, climate impact of atmospheric aerosols, and environmental and health aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Centers & Facilities

Centers and Facilities

Since 1993, the Grassian group has been located in the Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories (IATL). The IATL is located across the street from the Chemistry Building. The IATL provides space for multidisciplinary research activities of the faculty, staff and students. Extensive computer communications connect faculty and students with their "home" departments. The conference facilities in IATL provide excellent arrangements for research group meetings. The Grassian Group belongs to three interdisciplinary centers that are based in the IATL and include the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute at the University of Iowa (NNI@UI), the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) and the Optical Science and Technology Center (OSTC ).

Additionally, the Grassian Group is involved in collaborations with several members of the Environmental Health Sciences Research Center (EHSRC). The EHSRC is funded by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and headquarters in the new College of Public Health Building located in close proximity to the IATL. The EHSRC is advancing environmental health science with innovative research in several fields including nanotoxicology and currently runs several research facilities including the Environmental Modeling and Exposure Assessment Facility and the Pulmonary Toxicology Facility.

Research in the Grassian Group is greatly facilitated by the Central Microscopy Research Facility a state-of-the-art user facility with advanced instrumentation and techniques administered by the Office of the Vice President of Research. A number of facilities within the Department of Chemistry that include the NMR facility, X-ray diffraction facility and the Mass Spec facility are also extensively utilized by the Grassian Group.