For Teaching Assistants

Student working with chemistry vial.

The Department of Chemistry employs approximately 80 graduate teaching assistants each academic year. They are given the opportunity to teach chemistry to undergraduate students which is an important aspect of the graduate program and an essential part of the teaching mission of The University of Iowa. Teaching Assistants are held to high standards of ethical behavior, technical expertise and integrative communication. They learn the challenges and rewards of teaching along with gaining skills in problem solving, leadership and organization.

Graduate Teaching Assistants are professional instructors at The University of Iowa. The expectations for this role are documented in The Teaching Assistant Handbook for The Department of Chemistry.

The quality of education at The University of Iowa depends solely on the instructors in the classroom. The Department of Chemistry is proud to be a part of the professional development of those instructors by training, evaluating and coaching our Graduate Teaching Assistants. Success of this program is evident each spring when the department selects the Departmental Teaching Assistant awardees. In addition, The Office of the Provost selects thirty graduate teaching assistants from the entire university to award the Council on Teaching Outstanding Teaching Assistant. These are competitive awards and the selection of Chemistry Teaching Assistants illustrates the high standards set by the Department of Chemistry and the commitment of its instructors to the educational mission of The University.