Current and past student support in conjunction with the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU)

2020 | 2019

Spring 2020

Francesca Eckstrom -
Francesca Eckstrom

Francesca grew up in Albert Lea, Minnesota where she attended high school.  Francesca is currently double majoring in chemistry and mathematics at the University of Iowa.  Following graduation, she plans to attend graduate school for chemistry or geochemistry with a preferred focus on projects with environmental applications.  Eventually, her goal is to work in a national lab contributing to synthetic chemistry projects. 

Wrapping a Coil“I first got involved in the Glass Facility after taking the course Advanced Methods in Chemical Research, taught by Benjamin Revis in the winter session of 2017-18.  The course taught the basics of scientific glass blowing and provided hands-on glassblowing experience.  Since then, Benj has mentored me and allowed me to work on my glassblowing skills and volunteer in the Glass Facility.  My time spent in the Glass Facility has not only been enjoyable, but I have learned a great deal about glassblowing, how the Glass Facility operates, and the resources it provides to the University.” – Francesca Eckstrom

Fall 2019

Luis Antezana -
Luis Antezana

Luis is majoring in Chemical Engineering with a focus on renewable and non renewable energies. Originally from Bolivia, Luis has always had a passion for chemistry and its applications to improve our everyday life through scientific research and engineering.






Francesca Eckstrom -
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Reid Hogan -
Reid Hogan

Reid attended high school at West Delaware High School in Manchester, Iowa and chose to attend the University of Iowa to major in chemistry. After attaining his Bachelor's degree Reid plans to further his education and become a dentist.

"During my time in the glass facility, I was tasked with basic laboratory practices such as organizing, cleaning, and taking inventory. I was also able to learn basic glassblowing techniques as well as AutoCAD drafting. My favorite part of the semester in the glass facility was seeing how the glass pieces I use in class are made, and how they can be manipulated to perform different functions." - Reid Hogan