Quality Statement

It is the intent of the University of Iowa Glass Facility to provide quality glass apparatus specifically designed to the researcher’s needs.  As this is a custom and repair facility each job is uniquely evaluated to determine steps and procedures to ensure that the demands of the design are achieved.

Material Receipt:

Received materials are inspected for shipping damage by our receiving area and then the product is further scrutinized by the Glassblower to make sure the materials are in the appropriate condition for use in fabrication.

Material Preparation/Assembly:

The preparation (if necessary) of the material to be assembled is performed in a manner to limit the amount of surface abrasion and potential of air bubbles that could be introduced into the glass material when fused together.  The quality check for fusion of the glass during the assembly process is performed at the discretion of the Glassblower.  The final process of material assembly is the annealing procedure.  Through the annealing process, the stresses induced due to the non-uniform heating during assembly are reduced. 

System Compatibility:

In the cases where a system of pieces are to be designed to fit or work together, the finished individual pieces are brought together to ensure proper interconnectivity and to address any unforeseen user interface issues.  This process also allows for future consultation with the customer after they have received the system should they have questions regarding how the system is assembled.

Customer Satisfaction:

The University of Iowa Glass Facility desires that customers are satisfied in having received an apparatus that meets or exceeds their design ideas.  If there was any miscommunication in the design or less than desired product received by the customer, the Glass Facility will work with the customer to correct the issue(s) to the extent that the Glass Facility is capable.

Extra Requirements:

As each job is evaluated individually the customer may request additional procedures to assure that they receive an apparatus that will stand up to their required needs.  The Glass Facility will work with these extra requests on a case-by-case basis.