Engaging the community and the next generation showing that glass technology, old as it may be, is still developing, changing and impacting our world today and in the future.  Just take some time to think about how glass impacts your life every day, you might be suprized.

If you are interested in a tour or demonstration, please contact the Glass Facility to arrange a time.

2019 Tours/Demonstrations

October 27th - Scientific Concert; collaboration with School of Music, Public Digital Arts Cluster, Physics and Astronomy, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geological Survey, and Chemistry.  More about this project.

2018 Tours/Demonstrations

April 27th - Science Night Echo Hill Elementary, Marion, Iowa

2018 Echo Hill Science Night


April 8th - Musical Chemistry; Collaborative performance with Jean-Francois Charles from the School of Music. Read the Iowa Now article Here 

March 6th - Faith Academy 3rd Grade

"Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your glassblowing studio.  This experience really enriched the scholars' learning.  They couldn't stop talking about it.  We felt very lucky to be able to come and observe you demonstrate glassblowing!"  Sincerely, Mrs. DeLange (Faith Academy 3rd Grade Teacher).  Read more letters from the scholars.

              demonstration                           students        


2017 Tours/Demonstrations

April 6th - Montessori of Iowa City

A Special Thank You!  Look at the rest of the card.

Thank You

April 21st - Science Night Echo Hill Elementary, Marion, Iowa

June 5th - Lifelong Learning Program - The University of Iowa Alumni Association


2014 Tours

December - Faith Academy Second Grade

Jan Hochstetler - Second Grade Teacher
  The Second Grade class had learned about the Venetian Glassblowers as part of a History lesson and they wanted to come learn more about glass, glassblowing, and the manipulation of glass. The students enjoyed seeing Mr. Revis pull a string of glass accross the room, blow a glass bubble, and wind a glass coil right in front of them! They learned about the type of work that glassblowers can do and also enjoyed getting to be on our University’s campus.