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laser sample chamber
Drydown Manifold
Custom Flasks
Tissue bath
Electrochemical Cell
Custom Millipore style funnel
Vacuum Chuck
Fly Chambers
Vial Modification
Beaker Side Port
Reupert's Drops
Gas System
Jacketed Membrane Chamber
Quartz Basket IN
Quartz Basket OUT
Glass Angel
10 degree tray holder top
10 degree tray holder side
Flange on 1.3mm tubing demo
Custom Extractor
Modified Gas Cell
Custom O-ring Flanges
Plasma Tube
Quartz Cells1
Quartz Cells 2
Custom Electro Chem Cell
Compact Double Manifold
Low Volume Cell
10 ml flask
Glass Torch assembly
Glass Torch Lit
Small Tubing
Photoreactor apart
Photoreactor together
Assembly and Testing
Stage Set-up
Demonstrating Quartz Ring Seal - Photo by Corina Guerra durring a Midwest Section Meeting
Quartz Torch
Quartz Torch lit
Custom E-Chem Cell