Facility Tools and Capabilities

This is a list of the primary tools in the Glass Facility with general working parameters given, but don't let that dissuade you from inquiring about a seemingly challenging job.

Tubing: A wide range of borosilicate tubing is kept on hand ranging from 1mm - 160mm Outer Diameter. Also a small selection of capillary tubing is on hand with Inner Diameters of 0.5mm - 2mm.  Should your Project need specialty tubing (e.g. Profile Tubing: Square, rectangular, scalloped, etc.), or special wall weight requirements, the Glassblower will work with you to order what is needed.

Some Fused Silica stock material is also kept on hand for those high temperature or UV needs. Due to the low demand for fused silica, less is on hand but can be ordered as needed. Current facility capabilities can accommodate fused silica outer diameters up to 2 inch (50mm)



Glass Lathe: The Facility has a Litton HSJ lathe with a through bore capacity of 100mm and a bed length of approximately 24 inches (60.8cm). The chuck jaws can accommodate up to a 5000mL Round Bottom Flask, as seen in the image on the right.



Diamond Cutoff Saw: Precision cutoff saw is equipped with a fourteen inch diamond-resin blade. The blade having an approximate 2mm curf. The saw table is configurable to accomodate various angles, specified lengths and depths to be cut.




Lapping Wheel: The Eisler Engineering Co., Inc. Lapping Wheel has a 24 inch wheel. Through the use of various silicon carbide grit powders with water, or diamond grit pads flat grinding and faceting are achieved.




Small Scale Mill-Lathe Combo: This hobby mill/lathe combo unit is primarily used to fabricate various basic graphite tools used in the manipulation of certain glass techniques. Current experimantation is being conducted to determine what level of glass machining may be capeable.  If you are interested in some basic non-precision glass machining, the Glass Facility is open to discuss opportunities




Annealing Oven: Wilt bell-type oven with a 5 foot (L) x 1.5 (W) x 1.75 (H) foot internal cavity designed primarily for annealing borosilicate glass but may be programmed for other light purposes (as approved by the Glass Facility)