Designing Thermochemical and Botanically Inspired Syntheses of Inorganic Materials for Energy and Catalytic Applications

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See what the Gillan Lab is cooking up these days!

Come see what we are cooking up these days!    

Recent Group News

March 2019:  Janaka Abeysinghe wins first place for his paper and poster in the math, physical, and engineering sciences section at the University of Iowa Grad College's Jakobsen Conference, great job!

January 2019:  Dr. Tony Montoya heads off to a great postdoc position at Argonne National Labs, congrats and best wishes!

December 2018:  Two new graduate students, Ishanka Liyanage and Ashley Schneider, are welcomed into the group!  Ashley Flores earns her M.S. Chemistry degree, congratulations!

October 2018:  Nate Black and Janaka Abeysinghe both present their research at the Midwest Regional ACS Meeting down the road in Ames, Iowa.

September 2018:  Dr. Nate Coleman, Jr. (Ph.D. 2015) starts a visiting professor position at the University of Toledo, best wishes!

August 2018:  Tony Montoya earns his Ph.D. in Chemistry for his successful research on carbon nitride and 3d metal-modified titania synthesis and photocatalysis, a degree well-earned!

December 2017:  Janaka Abeysinghe joins the group as a new graduate student, welcome to the world of metathesis thermochemistry!

January 2017:  Majid Nada joins our group as a co-advised graduate student with Prof. Sarah Larsen (solvent-free and mechanochemical zeolite synthesis).

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Edward G. Gillan, Associate Professor:  Department of Chemistry, University of Iowa, W325 Chemistry Building, Iowa City, Iowa  52242-1294, Office phone:  319-335-1308

Gillan Group Contact Info: Group office/phone (E321 Chemistry Building, 319-353-1085), research lab/phone (E310 Chemistry Building, 319-335-1360)

Departmental Fax:  319-335-1270


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