Developing novel nanomaterials that provide an enhanced understanding of basic actinide chemistry and the mobility of nuclear materials in environmental systems.

Group Members

Former Group Members: We'd love to hear from you! Get in contact with Dr. Forbes (

Principal Investigator 
Prof. Tori Forbes 

Current Graduate Students 

 Lindsey Applegate, Mikaela Pyrch, Dmytro Kravchuk, Tiron Jahinge, Samantha Kruse^, Grant Benthin*, Harindu Rajapaksha#, Vidumini Samarasiri, and Sarah Scherrer

,# - co-advised with Prof. Sara Mason, UI Chemistry * - co-advised with Prof. Korey Carter, UI Chemistry, ^ - co-advised with Prof. Len MacGilivray, UI Chemistry


Undergraduate Students 

Maguire Kasperski, Elias Mpundu, Alessandra Dutra, Nicholas Dahlen, Jack. A. Smith,  Haley Lightfoot, Esmee Belzer

Group Alumni

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Dr. Andrew Nelson - 2016 ( Current:  Staff Scientist, Sandia National Laboratory), Dr. Rebecca Laird 2014-2015 (Current:  Lecturer, University of Iowa), Dr. Daniel Unruh  2011 - 2014 (Current:  X-ray Facility Director, Texas Tech University) 

Graduate Students

Samangi Abeysinghe - M.S. (with Thesis) 2010 - 2012, Joshua de Groot - Ph.D. 2011-2016  (Assistant Professor, College of Southern Idaho), Andrew Knight (Staff Scientist, Sandia National Laboratory), Eric Eitrheim (Assistant Professor, University of Central Oklahoma), Ashini Jayasinghe (Postdoctoral Scholar, Florida State University), Adam Johns (M.S. Environmental Engineering), Mo Payne (Staff Scientist, Sandia National Laboratory), Jennifer Bjorklund (DOE contractor), Seth Van Helten (M. S. Fabric8Labs), Maggie Carolan (M. S. TetraTech), Md. Shohel (Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State Unviersity).

2020 group picture

Group picture 2020 (see if you can find Dmytro's salad)


spring 2019

Group picture after UI Women's Basketball Game                  Spring 2019                         Mo after successful Ph.D. defense

Vinny and Anamar

Vinny and Anamar representing the Forbes research group          Spring 2018           Vinny presenting at the Spring ACS meeting in New Orleans, LA

AJ and Mo

AJ celebrating his M.S. defense              Spring 2018                 Mo explaining his research at the Iowa State House


Shohel graduation 2018

Shohel passes his comprehensive exam Spring 2018


Graduate Students                      May 2017 Lab BBQ                              Graduate Student, Undergraduate researchers, kids, and dogs

ACS meeting and Tori fighting fires

Madeline, Ashini, and Mo at the Spring 2017 ACS meeting in San Francisco            Tori fighting a fire at fire extinguisher safety training

Ashini and Eric Graduation

Ashini and Eric graduation May 2017

Group pictures 2016 2017Graduation Lunch for Josh and Andrew on cold December 2016 day                                  Group photo on warm February 2017 day

group pictures 2016Cedar Rapids Kernels Game Summer 2016                                                                          Group Photo 2016

Group photo 2013 2015
 Group Photo Summer 2015                                                                                               Group Photo Summer 2013