I want to talk to someone...

Q: I had an uncomfortable or troubling interaction with a representative of UIowa (student, staff, faculty, etc) or with someone on campus.  What are my options to report and discuss this experience?

A: The following on campus resources are available to you:

  1. Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (for issues related to sexual misconduct, bias, harassment, equity, and discrimination): https://diversity.uiowa.edu/report, (319) 335-6200
  2. Ombudsman’s Office: ombudsperson@uiowa.edu  319-335-3608
  3. Counseling Services: https://counseling.uiowa.edu/appointments-and-consultations
  4. Employee Assistance Program: https://hr.uiowa.edu/employee-well-being/ui-employee-assistance-program
  5. Chemistry DEO (current chair)
  6. Chemistry DEI Committee (any current member, contact emails can be found at https://chem.uiowa.edu/diversity/chemistry-dei-committee)

You should be aware that many people who you may report to are mandatory reporters for topics of sexual discrimination, harassment and assault. This means that they are required by law to communicate information you share about such events to University Human Resources, who will then follow up with you about that process. 

Human Resources has videos describing the reporting procedure.  Please see these videos below:

How to Report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZJZvcl0eSo

Post-Reporting Process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vG2jE4xcv0k


Q: Who can I report to who is not a mandatory reporter? 

A: The ombudsman’s office (#2), Counseling Services (#3), and Employee Assistance Program (#4)


Q: Which resources can I report to and maintain my confidentiality?

A: The ombudsman’s office (#2), Counseling Services (#3), and Employee Assistance Program (#4).  In cases where mandatory reporting is not required, you can request that your report remains confidential for any of the above resources.  When in doubt, ask about confidentiality options before you disclose.


Q: What is the procedure if I report to a DEI committee member?

A: Please feel free to request the DEI committee’s current document outlining the formal response to reporting procedure before disclosing.  One thing to note is that all reports submitted to a DEI committee member are shared with the current DEI committee chair, including identifying information, but not necessarily to the entire committee.  This is done so that the chair can facilitate the next most appropriate steps to address the concern and can check whether the any individuals involved had also been involved in a prior report.

The chair of the DEI committee is always a mandatory reporter for issues related to sexual discrimination, harassment and assault.  In reports involving these elements, they will disclose details to University Human Resources.


For more information regarding resources for reporting and support after a disturbing incident, both on campus and in Iowa City, please see: https://endingviolence.uiowa.edu/get-help


Additional Resources:

Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EOD) Office – This office charged with implementation of equal opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity policies at the University of Iowa.  They are there to support the university’s compliance with laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and sexual harassment by or towards any UI community member.  Any student, staff, or faculty member can report a concern to the EOD office and meet with staff to discuss different formal and informal options. This is an office that can conduct official investigations into complaints.  

Campus Inclusion Team (CIT) - The Campus Inclusion Team (CIT) provides support and resources to any student with a concern about diversity, equity, and inclusion.  This a resource to report incidence of bias on the University of Iowa Campus.  The major focus of this team is to listen to concerns and offer possible solutions.  They do not conduct investigations or impose disciplinary action.