Developing a better understanding of teaching and learning in chemistry
The Cole Research Group

The Cole group is interested in issues related to how students learn chemistry and how that guides the design of instructional materials and teaching strategies. Much of our research focuses on the impact of teaching strategies on student learning and attitudes. We've also been investigating how to improve the impact of innovative, research-based teaching strategies and instructional materials.


Recent Group News


January: Gil and Dr. Cole held their annual ELIPSS project meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.



December: Nicole States joined the research group as our new graduate student. Welcome to the group, Nicole!

July: The entire group attended the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) at the University of Notre Dame. Gil, Ian, Rayford, Katie, Marika, and Dr. Cole all gave research talks, and Ashlie was an invited speaker.

July: Rayford and Dr. Cole attended the International Conference on Chemistry Education (ICCE) in Sydney, Australia. Rayford gave a research talk, and Dr. Cole was an invited speaker.

May: Marika passed her comprehensive exam and is now a PhD candidate. Great job, Marika!

May: Dr. Cole was promoted to the rank of full professor! Not only that, but she was also honored as one of two Collegiate Scholars based on her exceptional achievement at the time of her promotion. Read more about it here.

March: As part of a collaborative effort to characterize the nation's STEM landscape, Dr. Cole's work was featured in Science. This study was also highlighted in Science 360 News and Inside Higher Ed.

March: Gil, Hao, and Dr. Cole went to ACS New Orleans. Gil and Dr. Cole gave talks, and Hao presented at the undergraduate poster session.

January: Gil and Dr. Cole held their annual ELIPSS project meeting in Dallas, Texas.


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