UPS/Fed Ex Shipping Instructions & Shipping Form

Chemistry Stores will ship packages Monday – Thursday.  Packages dropped off by 10:00 a.m. will ship the same day.

Shipment Guidelines:

  1. Chemistry Stores ships nonhazardous packages that do not contain dry ice for Chemistry personnel with a valid Chemistry MFK. Ice blocks are available. All shipments incur a $5 handling fee.

  1. Fill out a Chemistry Stores Shipping Form located on the front counter or click link below for a fillable form.     

  1. Package your shipment. Chemistry Stores is not responsible for packaging due to shipment damage liability. We will assist with packaging, if needed, and have express boxes available for use.  

  1. Place your shipment on the counter with the completed shipping form. If you have shipping labels already affixed, place the shipment in Receiving on the appropriate UPS or Fed Ex shelf. 

Chemistry Stores is not authorized to ship hazardous material.  It is the requestor's responsibility to ensure packages are nonhazardous.  No Fed Ex or UPS locations in the Iowa City area ship hazardous so you will need to contact EHS for assistance.  


SHIPPING FORM:  UPS/FED EX Shipping Form is located in Chem Stores.

Domestic Shipments: Complete the first page only.


For International Shipments: Complete both pages of the shipping form. On a separate document, include the following information:

1. A list of each item (commodity) being sent.  This includes:

         a. Complete description of each item including makeup of the compound if it is a sample.

         b. Total weight of each item.

         c. Quantity of each item

         d. Weight of each item.

2. You may ONLY ship nineteen commodities in one shipment.

3.  Chemistry Stores will create and sign the commercial invoice.