Ordering Dewars & Gas Cylinders

Dewar and gas cylinder rentals are ordered through Linde.  

Creating a New Account:

  1. Create Linde account: https://www.lindedirect.com/login.  UI's purchasing information: Cylinder Gases | Purchasing, Accounts Payable & Travel - The University of Iowa (uiowa.edu).
  2. Once you receive your new Linde account number, email Tim Koon, uss-chemistry@uiowa.edu, to set up UI's blanket purchase order.  Provide Tim:
    • your Linde account number,
    • the amount of money to be allocated on the blanket purchase order,
    • and the MFK to be billed. (Once the money is depleted, a new blanket purchase order will be created or additional funds will be added to the present purchase order).
    • Keep the Linde account number and UI purchase order number readily available.  When questions arise, Linde will require this information. Dewars ARE NOT charged a daily rental fee; Gas Cylinders ARE charged a daily rental fee. 

    Ordering Dewars/Cylinders:

    1. Order online at: https://www.lindedirect.com/login. Call (800) 621-7100 for website ordering issues. 

    2. Call Linde: (319)363-2156:

    Receiving and Returning Dewars/Cylinders: 

    1. Linde delivers to Chemistry, Room W47, daily by 10:30 a.m. W47 is located on the ground floor near the north side entrance.
    2. Return dewars/cylinders to W47 when empty. Write EMTPY on the Linde affixed label depicting your account information and place it in the return area.
    3. Be sure the Linde affixed label depiciting your account information is ON the cylinder/dewar being returned so the rental fee is removed from your account. Failure to do so could result in paying rental fees on this cylinder indefinitely since you will not receive credit for the return. 
    4. Dewars ARE NOT charged a daily rental fee; Gas Cylinders ARE charged a daily rental fee. 


    Vendor Number


    Contract ID

    2167, RFP# 14314

    Sales Representatives

    Sales/Customer Service
    Pam Hendershot – 515-669-1538,  Pam_Hendershot@praxair.com

    Customer Service:
    Cedar Rapids Store – 319-363-2156
    Emily Cunningham – 630-320-4233

    UI Delivery Lead Coordinator:
    Jason Underwood 319-423-4173

    Cedar Rapids Store – 319-363-2156
    Jason Underwood – 319-423-4173
    Pam Hendershot – 515-669-1538,  Pam_Hendershot@praxair.com